Winter Bare

Winter Bare
Bare Stare and totally relaxed!

Nudecentric Briefs

This companion page to Guys Without Boxers is to offer practical advice on becoming a naturist/nudist in general and a social naturist/nudist in particular. The title, Nudecentric Briefs, is appropriate as the page is nude-focused (nudecentric) and contains brief (as in the underwear style) suggestions for the new-to-nudity man to enhance and add to his naked experience. 

This page is a work-in-progress and I'll add a new suggestion monthly. Please keep in mind that these are random ideas for the novice nudists and all recommendations are in the interest of expanding comfort levels while the beginner is clothes-free. Not all suggestions are applicable to everyone and if a idea doesn't work for you, that's cool. Just keep your clothes off and find a nudecentric brief that is compatible with your lifestyle. 

Please use the comments section here to share your thoughts, ask questions or add a personal experience. It's all about: Peace! Get naked. Enjoy! 



Nudecentric Brief #1: Getting naked

A number of people have asked me, either through email, in person or other media, "how do I become a naturist/nudist?" The answer is very simple, start with just stepping out of your clothes or basically, strip! That's really all that is necessary. Take off whatever items of clothing that you're wearing. 

Ideally, if you're with a friend who's receptive to the idea of being bare, that's cool. You've then become an instantaneous social nudist! 

This is generally followed by the question: "what do I do next/" The answer: whatever you would do if you were wearing anything. In other words, walk along the beach, play in the water, read a book on a blanket, eat your lunch. Essentially, act as though you're having a typical day at the beach (or where-ever). This time, it's no different except that you're completely naked. 

Just focus on the sensation of being bare while you go about your normal business.
Posted: September 5, 2015

Nudecentric Brief #2: Getting comfortable nude

Now that we've established how to get naked, time to move along and learn how to increase our comfort level while bare. An overwhelming majority of us are completely naked when we bathe or take a shower. Immediately after bathing or showering, stay clothes-free for maybe 10 to 15 minutes afterwards and explore getting used to the feeling of being without any covering, whatsoever. If you're uncertain of what to do during this "bare time," try grooming. Take care of those routine tasks that we all perform every day.

Following the hygiene chores, increase your naked comfort by just lounging around your home with nothing on at all. Become familiar with the sensation of being "body-free." Unencumbered with the restraining feeling of having to wear clothes. For some this, is the most difficult aspect of nudity: bare and doing nothing. However, bare (pun intended) in mind that most have no problem with lounging wearing clothes. Why should being naked be any different?

After several weeks of following this nude regimen, gradually begin to increase your "bare time" by doing something after lounging naked, add reading the newspaper or online news sources. Just relax and be your natural self. 

Try having a relaxing beverage while nude, it can be a morning glass of juice, cup of coffee or tea. If your habit is showering before bed at night, have a cocktail or other beverage. What's important is to increase being comfortable in your natural skin!          Posted October 1, 2015

Nudecentric Brief #3: Discovery

As you're on your journey to acclimating yourself to being naked, there may come the time when a room-mate, friend or even a stranger walks in or discovers you while you're bare. This is really no big deal as we're already aware of the fact that we, when nude, have nothing to be ashamed of. Chances are, the person who disturbs you during your bare time is the one who will experience the most discomfort from your being clothes-free. 

It is important for you to remember to show no reaction to being the one naked. Keep calm and act as if nothing is out of the ordinary. You're the one who's consciously nude and discovery is always a possibility. Don't try to cover up, simply respond to the intruder as if it is an everyday occurrence. 

If you show any reaction to being viewed naked, this only increases the embarrassment of the other person. By staying cool about your nudity, this helps to ease the discomfort of the individual and reassure him that you're cool with being seen nude. Posted on November 1, 2015


Nudecentric Brief #4:  Bare Selfies

The modern phenomena of "selfies" (self-photography) is familiar to most of us by now. This popular past-time is an excellent tool to increasing our comfort level with being clothes-free. During the time that we're designating as our nude-time or bare-time, participate in this custom and begin taking pictures of yourself, in various poses, while completely naked. Don't be shy and be as bold and creative as possible. Take the time to review these images of yourself and study your nudity. Determine your physical attributes become comfortable with your nakedness. 

Use a mirror to help you in accentuating parts of your nude body that may not be easily viewed otherwise. By all means, don't restrict yourself to posing exclusively in your bathroom. Avoid repetition by taking selfies in rooms throughout your home and apartment. One rule to always follow is to make sure your surroundings are neat and tidy before posing! Plan ahead and have fun!

For those who don't live alone and share their home or apartment with room-mates or house-mates, always keep in mind that you may be interrupted unexpectedly. If this happens, it is always best to laugh with the "discovery" and not make it into a major calamity. Instead, view it as an opportunity to invite your room-mate or house-mate to explore living bare with you! 


If your room-mate isn't amenable to joining in your naked exploration, you can always invite the person to assist with your bare photography!

Once they sense your comfort with nudity, who knows, they just may change their minds and try bare-living, or, at the very least, bare-posing themselves. Just imagine, the beginnings of a social nudity movement conveniently located within your own abode! Posted: December 2, 2015. 


Nudecentric Brief #5:  A Confident Stance

When bare, especially in public or a nudist event, adopt a stance that demonstrates your confidence and pride in being a nudist. The stance above, with the hands concealing your genitals, clearly sends a message to all that you're uncomfortable and unsure of your own nudity. It indicates that somehow you associate being clothes-free with shame. This particular stance calls unwanted attention to yourself, even it it is your first time being nude among others. In a roomful of nude dudes, all hanging out in all their glory, standing this way makes everyone else wonder exactly what are you trying to hide!

The stance below, with the hands clasped behind your back, exudes both pride in your nakedness and confidence in appearing nude in a social nudist environment. It sends the distinct message that there's absolutely nothing wrong or shameful in being among others bare. Even if you're the only one present who's completely naked. Stand tall and boldly proclaim and show your nudity!

Posted on January 9, 2016


Nudecentric Brief #6: Nude Photography

When bare friends ask you to take photographs of them nude, feel free to be likewise. There's no shame in being naked, especially among acquaintances/friends. It may even help them relax, particularly if one of them is not accustomed to nudity. As a matter of courtesy, just let them know beforehand that you plan to do the photo-shoot bare also. 

While you're taking the pictures, don't be alarmed or embarrassed if you or one or more of your subjects grows an erection. It's all perfectly natural as erections can happen at any time, without any manipulation or stimulation. Sometimes, just knowing that you're having your picture taken is enough to arouse a man. 

If this happens, the last thing you want to do is call attention to the dude having the erection. Trust, he's already uncomfortable about the situation. Simply react as though nothing is out of the ordinary. Keep the conversation flowing as this will help the guy relax and the erection will disappear. 

If you become erect, stay calm, continue the conversation and always keep eye contact with those around you. This encourages them to do the same with you and helps everyone to stay calm. Posted February 1, 2016. 


Nudecentric Brief #7: Bare When Others Aren't

Many "newbie" bare acquaintances have expressed to me their disappointment and frustration when visiting a "clothing optional" or even a nude beach and discovering that not everyone there is naked. Relax and prepare. Not all those who frequent bare facilities are going to necessarily be bare (unless it is posted or promoted as no clothing permitted). Remember, "clothing optional" means that it is the individual's discretion as to be bare (nude) or not. 

I agree it is a disappointment to visualize going somewhere expecting to see nothing but totally unclad (unclothed) people and upon arrival, finding out that our fellow nudist/naturist brothers are few in number. This is a major "let-down" for me, too.

However, look on the positive side. You are in a space where it's fine and legal for you to be as bare as you dare! Get naked and just be yourself. Be confident in your nudity have a good time. Chances are, more than likely, before too much time has lapsed, you'll find others stripping off their clothes and joining you in the natural experience. Sometimes, all it takes is for one brave soul to discard his cumbersome clothes and then others will follow. 

If the beach is a public nude beach, the same holds true. Some are apprehensive about being the "first one" to showcase their freedom. Don't let this prevent you from enjoying your "bare fun in the sun." If you went to the trouble to drive to a nude beach, then by all means do so: get nude and enjoy the beach! Soon others will do likewise. 

Regardless, it is good experience for all nudists/naturists to get comfortable in interacting with others who are bare-challenged. 

Posted: March 1, 2016


Nudecentric Briefs #8: The Tease

For some guys enjoying social nudity and public nudity for the first time, it is difficult to handle the fact that men who are attracted to other men do flirt with each other. It is no different from what goes on in bars, clubs and any public space anywhere in the world. It is just that now, we're doing it free from the concealment of clothes, we're bare.

One of the many benefits of being clothes-free is that we no longer have to imagine what the other dude is like under those layers of clothing. We have him naked before our very eyes, the entire package! 

So if the guy on the beach, in the park, across the room or beside you in the pool is actually giving you a look and a wink (or more) and is acting interested, go for it! Take the time to introduce yourself and at the very least make a new nude friend. Who knows where this will lead?

Posted April 1, 2016


Nudecentric Brief #9: Going Bare Outside

Here in the Northern Hemisphere, the Spring is rapidly evolving into warmer temperatures. It's almost moderate enough to skinny-dip (swim naked). Time to start getting bare outside and enjoying nature, naturally (clothes-free)!

If you've never gone nude outdoors, now is the time to prepare yourself for the thrill of your life. It is a very exhilarating  and liberating experience! If you've been following the above suggested steps towards social nudity, trust me: it isn't a monumental or daunting venture. All that's necessary is to get naked and to let others marvel at your comfort level with being nude. 

Before the ultimate social nude debut, you may want to "test" yourself by picking a secluded spot in a local park or woodlands, shed your clothing and witness for yourself the thrills of being completely nude in a natural setting. All that you may want to take with you is a towel for seating and a beverage to keep hydrated. 

Make sure you remember to use sunscreen all over your body and an insect repellent.  Don't forget your sunglasses! 
Posted here on May 10, 2016


Nudecentric Brief #10: First Time Bare At The Beach

It always helps to have a friend along for your visit to a bare or clothing optional beach. The moral support is good to have as it instills confidence. Only don't be disappointed or offended if your friend doesn't indulge in stripping off his clothes along with you. Not everyone is comfortable when they're nude. I can't understand this reasoning myself, but I do know some men like that. That's why I suggest a clothing-optional beach. These types of beaches permit both bare and/or clothed guests. That way, your friend won't feel unwelcome for keeping his swimming suit on his body (at least until he feels brave enough to remove it!). Hey, I am an optimist at heart!

Enjoy your day and remember to thank your friend for accompanying you. Just keep in mind that after he has seen what a naked beach is all about (even though it is clothing-optional), he may begin to lose some of his inhibitions over getting bare with you in the future!

Posted: July 6, 2016


Nudecentric Brief # 11: Erections Naturally Happen

Erections naturally happen to any male, regardless of whether he is bare or not. I know that all of us can recall our adolescent days when we were standing in front of our mathematics class and grew an erection while contemplating the value of the numerical unknown in an algebra equation. There's a reason that they're referred to as "spontaneous erections." They are totally unplanned, unexpected and beyond our control. 

When an erection occurs in a social nude setting (notice that I wrote "when" not "if"), relax, take a deep breath and regain your composure. As soon as you stop focusing on the growth between your legs, it usually goes away. Most naturists/nudists of either gender understand this phenomena and give it no attention. Some same gender loving or dual gender loving (bisexual) men may grin or point to your erection but they are only trying to be friendly. As soon as you're relaxed, the erection generally subsides.  

I published a post on the fear of public erections here in June, 2016. Click the title to view and read in its entirety: Erectilephobia. 
Posted August 1, 2016


Nudecentric Brief #12: Sleeping Naked

Sleep bare (clothes-free, nude) at night. Not only will you sleep better, but you'll feel sexier, too! Get into the habit now in the late summer season in order to acclimate your body without the chilling shock of starting to sleep without any garments (clothing) once the temperatures drop. 

Scientific studies have verified that sleeping "in the buff" is actually healthier for you. Sleeping nude helps to protect the sperm. The cooler the body, the higher the sperm count. Also, the cooler the body, the more restful the sleep. 

Being too warm at night disrupts the release of melatonin and the human growth hormone (HGH) which are the two major anti-aging hormones. You'll now begin to look better, too! Better sleep reduces the amount of cortisol (stress hormone) released into the body. This naturally reduces the appetite, especially for fatty foods. 

Sleep better, look better, feel better. Who can argue with all of those benefits? 

Posted on September 3, 2016. 


Nudecentric Brief #13:  Checking you out

There's no way to prevent this from happening. When we're clothes-free and around others who are the same, people are going to admire your nudity. Males and females alike are going to stare at your penis (package, junk, cock, dick) and your buttocks. It makes no difference if you're gay or not, guys compare their penis to your and women compare your penis to other men they know.

Perhaps they won't be as obvious as the dudes in the above picture, but whether or not they are, don't allow this to detract from the joy of being completely bare around others who are the same. We all steal a glance at others when we see them nude. It's almost an automatic response. It is so ingrained into out Human psyche that we practically have to consciously force ourselves not to look.

It is important to understand that this occurs naturally and not to be intimidated or uncomfortable by it. Enjoy your experience in being clothes-free and if you think about it, feel appreciative that others are admiring you! Be bare and be proud!

Posted on October 1, 2016


Nudecentric Brief # 13:  Holiday Decorations

The Winter Holiday season is here. To help get you into the spirit of the festivities, why not decorate your home or apartment while completely bare. It can relax you and allow you to focus completely on the tasks at hand. If you usually do this with friends, why not invite them to strip along with you as all of you concentrate on "dressing" the tree? Make this a holiday to remember! Be bare and proud!

Posted on December 15, 2016


Nudecentric Briefs #14: Take A Bare Group Photo

Pictures always serve as a keepsake for all of us. Now that you're becoming comfortable being clothes-free and proud around others (and hopefully creating a personal network of bare acquaintances and friends), get your group together and take a picture of all of you happy and naked! 

If you haven't been successful in making many nude buddies who are harmonious with each other, then invite a clothing-wearing friend to have a photo made with you. Who knows, he may find that he's relaxed around others who are bare and decide to try it himself!

Posted January 1, 2017




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