Winter Bare

Winter Bare
Bare Stare and totally relaxed!

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Photo Blog: Bottoms Up! End of October, 2015

Bottoms Up!

End of October, 2015

The water is choppy and the sky is threatening, so it looks as though an Autumn storm is approaching. That doesn't seem to deter the man in the image above from taking one more skinny-dip before the temperatures drop again!

You can see for yourself the grain is ready to be harvested. This dude needs to make sure his bottom wasn't included in that harvesting!

And a fine "pumpkin" bottoms-up in honor of Halloween!

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Bare With Pride

Happy Halloween Cartoons (NSFW)

"Trick or Treat" doesn't get much better than this!

The epitome of the "Great Pumpkin!"

Happy Halloween!

May all of your tricks be rewarded with a special treat! 

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Bare With Pride

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Bare Pumpkins and Ghosts

Better than the Peanuts' Comics classic "Great Pumpkin" here are a dynamic duo of bare Pumpkin Heads for your Halloween pleasure! Yes, the bare ones are some definite "eye candy" and not nearly as scary as the other ones! They even come with their own "frightfully starving" treat bag to be filled with delicious and totally not nutritious Halloween goodies! 

Halloween is on Saturday, October 31. Will you be as "naked as the day you were born" this year and celebrate accordingly? Halloween just isn't fun unless it can be enjoyed bare and free from the nuisance of scratchy, ill-fitting costumes. Go natural with a carved pumpkin on your head! 

Comfortably lounge on some convenient straw (as pictured above) and allow the world to view you as you truly are, "bare with pride because you've nothing to hide!" What better way to collect all the treats that others gladly offer you? 

If the bare pumpkins don't frighten you, then perhaps a ghoulish ghost, pictured below, will haunt you for awhile! It's important to remember that certain hauntings aren't necessarily a bad thing! 

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Bare With Pride

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Autumn Nudity

There's always a refreshing feeling that comes with being bare in nature during the Autumn. It can perhaps be the lack of humidity and the crispness present in the air. It is the cooling temperatures that come with the new season and the eager anticipation of the approaching Halloween festivities, especially if you plan to celebrate clothes-free.

Hiking bare is always one of my favorite Autumn activities. Foremost is the fact that it can usually be free from all the pesky insects (such as mosquitoes and lyme disease bearing ticks) that thrive in the summer weather. Another reason is when Autumn arrives, very few of my naturist/nudist friends complain about the heat. An excursion along the natural trails and walkways are rarely opportunities for suffering from heat exhaustion or sunstroke.

What I like best about hiking this time of year is meeting other nude groups out on the trail. People are always at their friendliest when hiking clothes-free. Once everyone is bare, there's no chance of anyone concealing anything, hence, less judgment and no need for assuming pretentious attitudes. Everyone is naturally exactly "who they are."

Earlier this month, Aaron and I hosted an Autumn bare hiking expedition for our family and friends. This is the fifth consecutive year that we've done this and every year, there's always a new and exciting challenge that we've had to contend with. This year, our major setback was due to Mother Nature. Hurricane Joaquin was slowly moving up the East Coast of the United States. The weather conditions were wet and the air was chilly. We switched our outing from the first Saturday of the month to the second weekend. 

Although the following Saturday was somewhat warmer, the temperature and conditions were far from ideal. We persevered with two other bare couples on a modified schedule. Everyone else "bailed" on joining us. We were few in number but our spirits were enthused about the company and the hike. Instead of our planned hike in the mountains of rural Virginia, we re-located our adventure to a trail closer to our home and sitting on the property of a fellow bare enthusiast. He wasn't able to join us but gladly gave his permission for us to use his land.

It was a chilly and wet outing. Truthfully, it became extremely windy during the early afternoon. But being the brave, nude fools that we are, we didn't surrender to the weather but "carried on" with our bare mission. We hiked for approximately two miles before we decided to return to the parking lot and have our "picnic lunch" inside the SUV. Soggy sandwiches had no appeal for any of us.  

As we were headed back home, Aaron and I both agreed that despite the poor attendance, the hike was a success. Count at least one more day of being naked with family and friends as a bonus before the weather changes for good!

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Bare With Pride

Monday, October 19, 2015

Blogging Nude and History

The above image is me, blogging outside and, of course, bare. Not only am I bare with pride but I likewise blog bare with pride! This photograph was taken by my husband, Aaron, at a local park that we are able to walk to in October, 2013.

As I enjoy blogging about all the many pleasures of trying to live life being as bare or as naked as possible, it is only fitting that I blog that way also. To do otherwise I'd lose most of my credibility as both a writer, blogger not to mention my reputation as one who promotes nude living.

I've always derived pleasure in writing. Not just in blogging but in composing short stories, brief biographies and other genres as well as correspondence (emails). For me, writing offers an outlet for the stresses that we all endure simply as a part of our daily existence in an ever increasing world that offers fast-paced living, trials and tribulations and chronic problems that demand immediate attention. Often, it seems, nothing is simple anymore.

The ability to be completely nude while I'm writing adds the dimension of relaxation to whatever it is that I'm working on. Just knowing that I can be clothes-free and creative lightens the task-at-hand and affords me the peace-of-mind to think clearly and removes the burden of being prisoner to unwanted and constraining clothing.

Nudity is always been an inspiration for me, especially when I'm blogging. It helps to set the mood: if I'm naked, then I'm good. Clothes-free, I can concentrate and begin to "think nude" (although to my husband and others who know me I always "think nude..")! I guess there's no denying that I was definitely "born this way!"

I first began blogging in 2008. Back then, I was a regular contributor to a blog created by another same gender loving naturist/nudist who lived in the MidWest region of the USA. Actually, by the time that he closed his site in the winter of 2009, I was the author of a standard feature on his blog. 

After being involved for almost two full years with someone else's blog, I felt the experience had prepared me for to create and maintain a blog on my own. In January, 2010, I began my first independent blog here on named DQN in Northern Virginia. The "DQN" were the initials for my author name: Deaf Queer Nude. I continued with this site from January, 2010 until my last post in January, 2015. Needless to mention, it featured articles and stories relating to the gay nudist community.  

By November, 2012, I was beginning to suffer some boredom with the focus of DQN in Northern Virginia and opted for a change-of-pace with a new blog, A Guy Without Boxers, on I authored both sites simultaneously with a different format and direction for the site. It still featured a same gender loving naturist/nudist focus but was more inclusive of all aspects of nude living and gay and/or bisexual identities. I continued the site until August of this year when an anonymous complaint to concerning "content" led to my being blocked from After repeated but unanswered requests to WordPress over what constituted "content," I decided to allow that blogsite to expire. I have no confidence in or their site management staff, who clearly have nothing better to do than arbitrarily ignore any service requests.

I returned to blogging here at Guys Without Boxers was born on August 19, 2015. After being away from the community, it feels good to be back. 

Bare With Pride

Friday, October 16, 2015

Photo-Blog: Nude Dudes, October, 2015

Bare Horizons Nude Dudes

The future and the distant always looks mor interesting and much better when framed within the perspective of a man's naked body. Somehow, the physical attributes always manage to highlight and emphasize the attractiveness of the unknown.

Whatever it is that's out there, beyond our range of vision or too distant for us to understand, it becomes less intimidating and threatening when viewed through the lens and bordered by the male buttocks or penis and testicles.

These familiar comforts of the male anatomy always deliver a reference point that makes what we can't see or fail to recognize less foreign and hostile than it would be otherwise. 

They help to restore the view into a proper perspective that makes it all the more enticing and desirable. 

They help restore a sense of balance and depth to an otherwise bland and uneventful portrait. I found this image to be particularly inspiring. A confident "nude dude" and a proudly unfurled rainbow flag. I feel as though I should stand up and salute! 

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Purple Spirit Day: Anti-Bullying Campaign

This year, Gay, Lesbian Allied Against Discrimination (GLAAD) is once again sponsoring Purple Spirit Day to raise awareness of bullying and other negative actions directed towards GLBT youth. Purple Spirit Day was first observed in 2010 and this year is on October 15 (tomorrow). This year marks the fifth year of GLAAD sponsorship of the initiative. For additional information, go to the GLAAD website: Purple Spirit Day. Click the link to view.  

I am publishing this in anticipation of the October 15 date. I want to give readers notice to prepare for the event and some information they may share with others.

Please remember to wear something purple tomorrow to show your support of GLAAD and this awareness campaign. We all need to work together to end the bullying and taunting of our youth (and all GLBT people in general). Even though I prefer to be bare, I'm proudly wearing a purple shirt into my office tomorrow!

Purple Spirit Day is an excellent example of a truly grass-roots activist-generated awareness campaign. In 2010, Brittany McMillan, a then high-school student became concerned about the growing number of teen suicides by GLBT students. She then used social media to launch her idea of an awareness day to combat sexual orientation bullying. Her postings went viral and soon GLAAD championed her cause. 

During the past several years, Ms. McMillan has been a guest speaker on many campuses to share her experiences in spearheading the Purple Spirit Day effort. Her addresses have inspired many young people to become actively involved in the fight against bullying in general and homophobia in particular.  

This year, both Target, Inc. and the Wells Fargo Bank have joined this initiative and GLAAD as proud co-sponsors. 

In lieu of a purple shirt or tie, sweater or blouse, some may opt to wear a purple awareness ribbon. To make your own, take a 5 or 6 inch strip of purple ribbon, fold as shown below. Use a safety pin to fasten the lengths together and to attach to your shirt. 

Please remember to wear purple and/or a purple awareness ribbon tomorrow, October 15, 2015. Happy Purple Spirit Day! If you have the time available, make a few purple awareness ribbons to share with others who are interested in taking a stand against bullying and homophobia.

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Bare With Pride

Monday, October 12, 2015

Columbus Day, USA

Today is the observance of the Columbus Day holiday here in the USA. This date, the second Monday of October, annually, is the official day commemorating the landing of the Italian explorer, Christopher Columbus, and his fleet of three ships sailing under the flag of Spain, here in the Western Hemisphere in 1492. 

No matter whether a member of the Columbus sailing team (above) or of the Native Population (below) witnessing their arrival, one thing is certain. Their lives would be forever changed by this accidental encounter (Columbus was seeking the shores of India and the Far East Asia). . 

Almost all of us understand that Christopher Columbus didn't "discover" the New World and in all honesty wasn't the first European to visit. There is ample historical evidence that the Vikings (Norsemen) from Scandinavia established trading outposts here almost 500 years prior to Columbus' historic landing. There is also evidence that the Polynesians from the South Pacific landed in what is now California several hundred years before Columbus set sail. 


Both the Old World and the New World embarked on a journey together that is continuing even today.

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Bare With Pride