Winter Bare

Winter Bare
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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Photo-Blog: Bottoms Up! End of July, 2016


Bottoms Up!  

End of July, 2016


During the heat of the summer, nothing beats the refreshing sight of masculine buttocks at either the beach or by the pool. There's something calming and seductive about a man laying down with his ass facing the air, defying convention and inviting scrutiny. After all, as the proverb states, bare beauty is all in the eyes of the beholder.

And my eyes have witnessed the glory!


Drop your swimsuit or shorts and bare your beauty for all to appreciate! No matter how hot it gets, you'll always have a cool posterior!

Peace! Get Naked. Enjoy!

Bare With Pride

Friday, July 29, 2016

Summer Sand

A few men that I know use the excuse: there's too much sand at the beach for me to be nude there. Really? That's the best that you can offer for wearing a skimpy swimsuit is that there's too much sand? 

Usually I respond with my standard: how about my next bare pool party? There's no sand on the pool deck! More often than not, they generally quickly change the subject to an entirely different topic. Rather than be honest that they're afraid to be naked socially, they try to make the sand responsible for their insecurities about their bodies. 

Yes, there is absolutely sand at the beach. Sand is one of the essential elements of a beach. When we get wet and then walk onto the beach, sand sticks to our bodies. All of this is a fact of life. This is also one of the attractions that beaches offer humans. Better to have sand on my bare body than covering the crotch area of my swimsuit. Besides, the sand is going to attach itself to you no matter if you're nude or clothed. 

If you're wearing a swimsuit, there's no dignified way to subtly remove sand from your swimsuit crotch other than removing your swimsuit completely and shaking out the sand. My solution is to just be bare completely and brush the sand off of any part of my body. Or, just running back into the ocean and washing it all off. Of course, that only repeats the process all over again. 

But seriously, did sand ever hurt anyone at the beach? Sure, it can be annoying as hell but the inconvenience is more than outweighed by the fun with friends. And that is the main reason we chose the beach in the first place. 

Just because there are pesky flies outside doesn't mean we all stop eating during the summer. If you don't like it, simply avoid picnics. 

There's no escaping the reality that when bare and at the beach, sand is going to get into our genitalia (penis, testicles and buttocks). It's a way of life. And as I wrote above, a rinse in the ocean is a convenient and practical way to wash it away. Nothing complicated about this solution.  

Instead of allowing the aversion to sand prevent your enjoyment of nude beaches, grin and bare all your skin! It all washes off in the ocean and most public beaches provide outdoor showers for rinsing before you exit the beach area. 

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Bare With Pride

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Bare Etiquette

Photography is a fun and relaxing hobby for many and a great and convenient way to create many happy memories of notable events. It is also an excellent way to share holiday and nakation (naked + vacation = nakation) moments with friends and family. Your camera, when used appropriately, is not only a means to create joy but a tool for spreading that happiness to others. 

Just keep in mind that your camera is not a frivolous toy. For some, it is just as lethal as an unregistered weapon. Think before you aim and focus. You don't want to use it to create unpleasant memories. 

Some people, whether bare or textile (clothed) are naturally uncomfortable having their picture taken under any circumstances. For whatever reason, photography causes them stress and anxiety. It is always a good idea and practice to make sure that only willing and consenting subjects appear in your pictures. This courtesy should be a rule for every photograph that you take. Period. 

When with bare or nude friends, always remember this rule and plan your photos so that only your buddies are in the image. For example, when posing your crew for a picture at the beach, make certain to select a location where others aren't around. If this proves difficult, politely approach those who may be in your photo and ask them to either step out of the way for a moment or if they would be so kind as to take a group photo with yourself included. Most people appreciate the courtesy. 

Be aware that many clothing-optional and nudist destinations have strict policies regarding photography and filming at their locations. This policy reflects privacy and confidentiality concerns of all of their guests. Upon arrival, if you're uncertain about this regulation at this particular site, ask before you plan to use your camera, even one in your mobile phone. Some places enforce this policy by confiscating equipment. Better to know in advance than to be sorry later.  

A few clothing-optional and naturist/nudist beaches and resorts have a strict no-camera regulation but also have a camera-friendly area where pictures are permitted. Those who object to being photographed are aware of this and remain outside of the designated area. If this is the case at your location, then your only concern are those who appear in your picture.  

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Bare With Pride

Monday, July 25, 2016

Outdoorsman: Robert: Bare With Pride

Summertime, sunshine and being bare outdoors! What better way to celebrate the season? Meet Robert Craig, a proud young man who has no shame about his nudity! Judging by what we can all see here, I'm certain we all can see exactly why he's proud to be bare!

I know that many of you, like myself, have seen his image and fine physique many times on the internet. I have not only seen him but have used his photos with several of my posts. I just never knew his name. So here he is: Robert Craig, please meet the Guys Without Boxers: Bare With Pride blog community!

Not only does he lack any body-shame, he also exudes bare confidence! I admire him for not shaving or removing any of his body hair. That trait is unique in one so young. Thanks, Robert!

And thank you, Robert, again, for proudly sharing your nakedness with all of us!

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Bare With Pride

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Sunday Morning And Home Alone...

Sunday morning and everyone's off to church except you and a friend...

Regardless of how mature you may act, or even claim to be, there are always situations that arise where your sense of judgment may not be the best. You may give into peer pressure and find yourself involved in activities and behaviors that you know your parents would frown upon and would get you into a whole lot of trouble.

These two "innocents" didn't keep their boxers on too long! 

I know from my own personal experience! Occasionally, Twin (my identical twin brother) and I would be left at home when the rest of the family headed out for church. We are both Deaf since birth, and if the ASL (American Sign Language) interpreter at our church was unavailable, our parents would leave us at home rather than have us sit, bored, during the hour-and-a-half Divine Liturgy. 

The minute they backed the family car out the driveway, Twin (that's how we refer to each other) and I would immediately strip off our clothes and invite neighborhood friends over. Our "naked party" would then begin in earnest.    

Sometimes we would have a friend already hiding in our room or our bathroom upstairs!

We often used this almost two-hour time to mix drinks for ourselves from Papa's usually well-stocked supply. Many times as we sipped our drinks we also practiced smoking cigarettes. Our neighborhood buddies always joined us in our nudity. As we reached adolescence, our bare buddies and us discovered the shared intimacies that accompanied our maturing bodies.  

We almost got caught once when we lost track of the time and our family returned earlier than we expected. We poured-out the remainder of our cocktails and rushed upstairs to retrieve our clothing from the pile of clothes discarded in our bedroom. 

I'm not sure who's underwear I ended up wearing that day! 

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Bare With Pride

Friday, July 22, 2016

Friday Footnote: Footprints

Friday Footnote: Footprints 

Most all of us appreciate a day (or longer) at a clothing-optional or nude beach. Time for ourselves and our friends, spent away from our normal environment and frolicking freely in the sun, surf and most importantly, away from our jobs. True leisure time with no schedule to follow and no expectations except those that we impose on ourselves. 

No matter if we actually live in a beach community or if we have to travel to get there, we are usually grateful for both the destination itself and for the opportunity to be socially bare with our friends. Part of this pleasure is the welcoming and pristine shoreline that borders the body of water where we hope to spend much of our time

All of this joy changes if, upon arrival, we discover the beach littered with trash, discarded food and broken glass. Leftover debris from those who visited here before us and lacked the decency to clean-up after themselves. Didn't anyone bother to teach them the concept of responsibility? Apparently not.  

The use of public (shared) space is accessible for all to enjoy. That's why it is public. While using it we are obligated to clean up after our use and to discard all unwanted items in an appropriate recepticle upon leaving. This obligation is not something that is to be left as a task for others. Groundskeepers and maintenance staff have other duties that must be performed daily. Their overall mission is the upkeep and maintenance of the entire property, not individual refuse service. They are not our private domestic help. Our garbage is just that: ours.  

It is our responsibility to clean up after ourselves. We brought the items with us when we arrived at the beach. We carried them from our source of transportation to the beach. Common sense is it is our obligation to properly dispose of any debris we no longer need.

The only evidence that we should ever leave of our beach outing are our footprints on the sand. 

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Bare With Pride

Wednesday, July 20, 2016



Lose those clothes!

It's summertime now and the outdoors is perfect for stepping out of all your clothes and being bare! It makes no sense to procrastinate any longer. While there's still time, get used to the fact that we were all given skin for a reason: to live in it!

Our nudity was meant to be celebrated and enjoyed, not concealed in clothing and shame. So remove those garments and start living life free and joyously while completely nude! There's no shame in our being naked. The real shame is allowing ourselves to be deceived into believing that it is. 

So don't waste another moment. Live life to the fullest! Remove the clothes and discover what beauty and freedom is all about!

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Bare With Pride

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Bare Sundays, July, 2016

Come on in! We've been expecting you!

Aaron (my husband) and I have a clothes-free policy in our home. Every Sunday is an unofficial "open house" time. The only rule in effect is that everyone stopping in has to be as bare as us. There's no need to fear a little skin among friends.  

This Sunday, we're hosing a simple barbecue for all those who decide to take advantage of our hospitality. A little refreshment to show our appreciation to all our bare friends and family.

Nothing elaborate or fancy, really. Just some tasty morsels to keep hunger away on this delightful Sunday afternoon. Some meat from the grille to sustain you until your hot dinner-date later this evening. 

As it is such a nice day, we'll all eat outside on the balcony. Don't be shy! Get out of your clothes and grab a plate. The food is almost ready!

I know that we're all bare here, so please forgive my apron. I'm trying to prevent getting burned from the grease-spatters! I need to protect the family jewels!

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Bare With Pride