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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Harmless Play Or Hurtful Folly?

Sometimes, we can be our own worst enemies without even realizing it and without any devious intentions. We react on the spur of the moment to a situation that happens and before we know it, our actions are blown entirely out of proportion and come back to bite us in our bare buttocks. Ouch!

Most of us are mature enough to understand that erections occasionally occur spontaneously without our permission. This happens when we least expect it, regardless of whether we're naked or fully clothed. It's one of the forces of nature that is beyond our control. Such as the case in the photograph above. 

The guy on the right is a naturist/nudist, absolutely clothes-free except for his socks, shoes and hat. He's also sporting a noticeable erection. Some outside the same gender loving naturist/nudist community may argue that his penile reaction is due entirely to his nudity and as such, he "caused" his public erection. This may or may not be entirely true. 

These pictures accompanying this post were taken at the 2015 Folsom Street Fair held annually in San Francisco, California. This city outlawed public nudity, except in special events, several years ago. The Folsom Street Fair is one of the events included in this exemption. Thus, both he and his friend are doing nothing illegal. 

The guy just happened to grow visibly excited at an inopportune moment in time.   

His friend (left), wearing boots, socks, sunglasses and a leather harness, became aware of his erection and decided to enjoy some "fun" at his buddies' expense. Perhaps he saw a camera pointed in their direction and thought to make this a lasting memory. Maybe he believed that by innocently poking humor and attention to his pals "growth" he could help "deflate" the predicament. Possibly the leather harness he's wearing is new and he felt bold and brazen while adorned in it. Or it could be he was responding to an impish impulse. Only he knows for certain why he reacted the way that he did. 

Maybe their reaction was caused by the encouragement from the onlookers gathered around them. Since none of us were there at this particular moment, we'll never absolutely know the true reason of what transpired.   

Their actions most arguably did make for a very public and popular photo opportunity for a number of photographers, both amateur and professional. Unfortunately, neither of the subjects of this unique "photo-shoot" have any control over the media access to their images. They most likely had no time to think to inquire as to how or where the pictures would be used. They were simply having too much "fun" during their "moment-in-the-sun." 

Some have used the photos published here as an example of the depraved condition of the "homosexual agenda." Others have used it as fodder for a very public campaign to outlaw otherwise harmless events allowing social nudity. Needless to say, the "righteous right" proponents have ample ammunition and proof of the "moral decay" of both the same gender loving community and of naturist/nudist culture.   

Given the probability that these two guys were both attending a special event where social nudity was permitted and the same gender loving community was being celebrated, I seriously doubt that causing a media uproar was part of their intention for doing what they did. I honestly cannot believe that they were intentionally seeking to discredit or to damage either one of these two communities. Given the comfort level both demonstrate with each others bodies, their familiarity with social nudity and the absence of any reluctance towards penis contact, I feel safe in the assumption that they're both members of the same gender loving naturist/nudist community who are out for an activity that positively promotes and represents both social groups.  

In fact, the dude on the left was photographed in other groups at the same event and is caught on film "behaving" in a very civil manner in the additional images. More than likely, his actions above are just in jest and simply for the camera. Many people are emboldened when they know they're being photographed. Judge for yourself in the images contained below.

In the above picture, our friend is posed in front of a tent selling alcohol beverages and is acting as most of us would, just posing for the camera. Considering his proximity to the "cocktail" station, I think most of us expect or assume his behavior to be equally as promiscuous as it was in the first three images located at the beginning of this post. 

These images reinforce my belief that as a same gender loving naturist/nudist man, he would do nothing to intentionally bring harm to either of our communities. The only matter that he is guilty of is being naked. However, as stated above, this event was included in the exemption granted by the local San Francisco government when it banned public nudity. 

Once again, the same guy above, in a different area of the Folsom Street Fair and still calm, sober and in complete control of his faculties. Given the lack of attention his nakedness is creating among the participants surrounding him in either of these last two pictures, I am inclined to dismiss any disrespectful intentions on his part or that of his buddy above.  

I believe they were both clothes-free because they could be bare and were merely acting in a harmless manner out of their fun-loving nature at the moment. Given the circumstances, their sense of what constitutes "fun" was certainly misguided. However, that conclusion is due to the benefits of hindsight and is most definitely not a judgment of either of the two nude dudes. At most, they are guilty of poor judgment.  

I'm uncertain as to how I would react in an identical situation. My playfulness may even involve enacting behaviors much more graphic than merely massaging the penis of another and intimating oral gratification. None of us have the ability to say with any degree of accuracy exactly how we would respond. 

From all of this attention in this matter, there is a lesson to be learned here. At the end of the day, we are all responsible for our actions and the effect they may have on our communities and our cultures. In a highly charged pre-election atmosphere here in the USA, they are many who use images such as the first three above to bring condemnation and criticism upon both our same gender loving and naturist/nudist communities. They will seize every opportunity to discredit us and further their own political agenda. These pictures are on the internet (which is where I found them) and are a part of the public domain. 

No matter the intent or purpose of the photos, there are those who will interpret and use these for their own statements on the lewdness of our community. They, being our political adversaries, will present these as proof of our carnal irresponsibility and public lust.   

My question for each of you reading here is this: do we, as a bare-loving, same gender loving community need to "censor" our behavior, playful or otherwise, so as not to give our detractors ammunition to condemn us? 

Or, can we bare with pride and "play" with pride? Should we just carry-on as if nothing whatsoever is amiss?

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Bare With Pride



Richard Martin said...

Yah that's so right, thanks so much for visiting my blog page. Hope u had fun.

Richard Martin said...

Yah! That's so true, thanks so much for stoping by at my blog.

The Black Male Nudist said...

Great Article. So true.

a{GAY}tekeeper{iam} said...

I would say a little of both

Bare With Pride said...

Thank you for taking the time to both read and comment here! I'm grateful for your efforts. Take care and stay bare!