Winter Bare

Winter Bare
Bare Stare and totally relaxed!

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Last Full Day Of Summer!

Farewell, Summer 2017!

It was fun and it was real. Thank you for the memories! 

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Bare With Pride

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Bare Friends Are Forever!

Handsome and hirsute Venezuelan-born gay adult actor and model, Gio (pictured both directly above and below), is definitely a man most of us would consider ourselves fortunate to call friend. What's more, he is absolutely a man who has no qualms about stripping out of his clothes and appearing completely bare, save for all his body hair. He may not have much growing on the top of his head, but he more than compensates for that loss with what he has proudly growing everywhere else!  

Gio has often commented that he's not ashamed of either his body nor his sexuality. He's more comfortable without his clothes than he is wearing them (sound familiar?)! Good for him! 

As the summer swiftly draws to a close, these beach pictures of Gio make a prefect post to mark the passing of yet another season of sand, sun and surf. Besides, I'm offering a special treat in that not only does the beach scenery help to remind us of what we can look forward to next year, his furry body gives all of us something to snuggle up to and keep us warm in the winter ahead!    

I don't know about all of you but I wouldn't mind skinny-dipping with Gio! 

Peace! Get Naked. Enjoy!

Bare With Pride

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Skinny-Dipping Sunday

It's the final Sunday of the 2017 summer. In less than a week, Autumn will be here throughout the Northern Hemisphere. Before the pools get winterized, time to strip down, be bare and get wet! 

Remember that the winters can be brutal and harsh. Make this skinny-dip (naked swim) a good one so that we can recall the moments as the temperatures outside drop to below freezing.

No time to procrastinate, go ahead and take the plunge!

Have fun skinny-dipping!

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Bare With Pride

Friday, September 15, 2017

Last Weekend, Summer 2017

This weekend is the final weekend of the summer of 2017. Get outside, get naked and make it worth your while!

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Bare With Pride

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Work Naked

And save yourself the efforts of stripping off your attire afterwards!

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Bare With Pride

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Bare Buttock Taps: Lewd?

In the world of major sports, millionaire professional athletes are applauded and commended for their physical interactions with their fellow team-mates. In the National Basketball Association (NBA) and in the National Football Association (NFL), star players are honored for rewarding their fellow athletes with a gentle slap on the buttocks as a congratulatory gesture. Even coaches do the same in support of their players for a "job-well-done." 

However, in the image above, the three nude dudes are often labelled for being lewd, pornographic or worse for exhibiting the same behavior. Why the double standard? Because the men above are all naked together, that's why. No matter that the trio obviously are at a private nudist resort together and are not behaving inappropriately. They're just naked.

Hello! So are the professional athletes in the locker rooms of the NBA and the NFL! Guess what? Some of those same professional athletes are gay as well! 

So our "man-in-the-middle" in the above photo is giving his friends a gentle slap on their buttocks. There's nothing lewd or sexual about his behavior or the actions of his two friends. 

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Bare With Pride

Friday, September 8, 2017

Evolution of A Nudist

Even though we are all born clothes-free, naked, the majority of us soon after birth are swaddled in clothing and then taught that's the way we should remain for the rest of our lives.

At least, that's the way the "powers-that-be" (parents, clergy, society in general) would like for us to believe. However, inside almost all of us, a natural urge to be bare in our skin, nude, lingers long after birth. 

This inner struggle between our natural urge and our learned behavior (to stay covered in clothing) often leads to a conflict within ourselves. 

For some of us, our natural urge to be bare, clothes-free, triumphs and we soon find ourselves enjoying the freedom of being naked, freedom from clothing, freedom from being concealed - we're finally able to escape from the "closet of clothes!"

We once again are bare and in harmony with nature. We're as free as the moment that we were born!

We return to our natural state of being and relish the liberation of being bare, nude, naked and we start to begin to enjoy living - the way that it was truly intended.

And we at last discover the happiness of our new-found freedom of living bare with pride!

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Bare With Pride