Winter Bare

Winter Bare
Bare Stare and totally relaxed!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Labor Day Holiday, USA

This upcoming weekend is the Labor Day holiday here in the USA. It is the final 3-day weekend holiday of the summer season, 2015. Typically, it's a major beach time with many, including both my husband, Aaron, and myself, taking extra time from work and converting this into an extended weekend celebrating the approaching end of summer.  

The Labor Day holiday was originally created to honor the American worker - a time designated to "reward" the labor force for its significant contribution to this nation's economy. Over time, it has evolved into a tribute to the entire workforce, not just the manual laborers. As the USA has moved from primarily an agricultural and manual laborforce to one predominately service and professional oriented, this holiday has assumed a more festive nature as a "beachfest." 

That's one of the major reasons why Aaron and I make a determined effort to make ourselves free for a few extra days of quality and overcrowded beach relaxation. We not only work hard throughout the year, but we intend to fully "play hard" over the Labor Day weekend and beyond. The climate in the middle Atlantic region turns cold very fast once the seasons change so there isn't much time left to enjoy the beach, at least while clothes-free and in the company of our nude brethren. We've learned from experience to take advantage of these waning days of summer. The winters here are far too cold and too lengthy to miss any opportunity to "play bare."   

Besides, we truly like the spirit of camaraderie of other bare men around us. We both work in clothed and non-gay environments. We appreciate every chance that we have to get outdoors naked with other same gender loving men surrounding us. It is a very empowering and liberating experience! 

 There's nothing better than hanging out with likeminded guys who're also "hanging out" and having fun. Social nudity is to be shared and enjoyed by all. That's the reason that we leave on Thursday, September 3, for six days at Gateway National Park in northern New Jersey to spend our days along the same gender loving section at Sandy Hooks clothing-optional beach on the Atlantic Coast. The view of the Manhatten Island, New York City skyline is awesome from the unofficial gay section of the nude beach. We've been doing this for the past five years and haven't been disappointed yet.

There seems to be an elixir that automatically infects same gender loving men whenever they're faced with a beach and getting nude.  

We've met some very friendly and very naked men in the past and hope to do the same this year! 

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Bare With Pride

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