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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

A Brief Overview: Social Nudity

Most of us agree that, by and large, humans are a very social species of animals. We seem to thrive and crave interactions among others of our same kind. This occurs no matter if we are clothed or if we happen to be clothes-free or nude. The next time that you're in a locker room, regardless if it is at a fitness center or pool, look around. You'll find others, in various stages of dressed or undressed, interacting with one another. Go to a clothing-optional beach and you'll witness the same thing happening (unless bare and clothed are segregated).

Social nudists/naturists are no different. We prefer casual interactions with those people whom we perceive as most like ourselves. In the case of social nudity, that essentially means that we enjoy the company of other naturists/nudists for no other reason than the fact we believe we share more common interests with them than with individuals who prefer to be wearing clothing. At least, that's my own simple understanding of the dynamic.

I do know for a fact that my husband and I prefer to be around other same gender loving (SGL) or gay bare men-friends than with other gay friends who need to wear a disguise (clothes). We both "conform to the norm" or wear clothing in our personal lives or conducting business. Our leisure time is also our nude time, so we both expect to be: n-a-k-e-d. It's like that.

Sorry, I digress. Social nudity is nothing more than being naked with others in a casual environment. That's the simplistic definition of who and what we are. We do have gay acquaintances who are more comfortable wearing clothes but have no problem with our being bare. They're cool with us and we're okay around them. If necessary, we invite them to accompany us during our leisure activities and they understand when we don't reciprocate (accept their invitations).

Social naturism/nudism is often misunderstood by the broader (mainstream or textile) society, both gay and otherwise, as being a promiscuous and licentious community that is lacking in morals and decency. This misconception has persisted for generations and is one of many reasons for publishing this article. That is, to dispel the myths and to offer the truth.

Social nudism/naturism is not about sex or physical intercourse. It's nothing more than the basic fact that we're most comfortable and relaxed when we're naked, nude, bare or clothes-free. We prefer being out of clothing as opposed to being in (or wearing) clothing. That's our preference and, after all, it is our leisure, or free, time to do as we please. That's why there are nudist beaches, nudist resorts and nudist campgrounds all around. We're being ourselves when we have the time (freedom) to enjoy doing so.

If sexual escapades and hook-ups occurred as frequently or were as prevalent as the clothes-wearing moralists insisted, don't think that law enforcement would hesitate to fill the justice system with hundreds of charges of prostitution, indecency, lewd conduct, and any countless other criminal violations available. Sexual acts between consenting adults may not be illegal but there are numerous related laws that would cripple the courts forever.

Naturists/nudists are no more inclined towards promiscuous behavior than is the mainstream population. The fact that we're not wearing any clothing has no bearing in this matter. Our lack of clothes means that the provocative attire found in the broader (general) society is absent within our own culture.

Our nakedness enhances our self-respect of our own bodies and the physical bodies of others. We understand and appreciate the physical differences that occur among members of our own and the opposite gender. If anything, our nudity has instilled in us a healthy reverence and esteem for the bodies of others, no matter their gender.

Social nudity has afforded all of us the opportunity to demystify and to familiarize us the nakedness of others of both genders. This familiarity is reflected in the respect and deference we have for the bodies of those around us specifically and to all humans in general.

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Bare With Pride

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