Winter Bare

Winter Bare
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Wednesday, August 19, 2015


This sign says it all. This blog, Guys Without Boxers, is a site that celebrates same gender loving male social nudity and all related aspects of that particular culture. The end result is that we all are involved in enjoying, experiencing and living life!

In creating  Guys Without Boxers I hope to offer a space that not only shares my own life as a same gender loving (SGL or gay) social nudist but also to promote nudity as a life choice and extraordinary opportunity. I want to offer a venue to address concerns with regards to social nudity, aspects of clothes-free living and information on becoming a social nudist. In my naked life experience, many have expressed an interest in naturism/nudity but always bemoan the fact that they simply "don't know where to begin." Hopefully, if you're reading here, you've found a place to begin that journey.

Guys Without Boxers features images that depict men enjoying social naturism/nudism. However, the photographs offered here will not depict any sexual activity. Social nudity/naturism is not about sexual intercourse. There are enough sites that offer adult entertainment without me. If that is what you are seeking, please go elsewhere.

Guys Without Boxers welcomes both comments and questions from readers on topics that relate to same gender loving (SGL or gay) social nudity/naturism. Feel free to use the "comment" section that is featured with every post or my email that is located in my profile page (upper right hand corner of your screen). Please believe me, no question is "stupid" or "dumb." All are worthy of an honest reply. Before anyone asks, yes, the picture in my profile is really me, skinny-dipping in a local river. I may swim nude but I wear sunglasses whenever I'm enjoying the summer sunshine!  
 Guys Without Boxers made its debut publication here on Wednesday, August 19, 2015. For this reason, this site will minimally publish every Wednesday thereafter. Please note this is the basic publishing schedule. As a blogging veteran for more than five years now, this is the bare-bones schedule that I'll follow. I intend to post other entries as necessary. As of this moment, the third Friday of every month a special feature, entitled Nude Dudes, is offered. This feature is mainly visual depicting men experiencing random moments of purely bare happiness. The first post in this series publishes on Friday, August 21, 2015.   
In case you haven't figured this out yet, Guys Without Boxers is best read or viewed while completely clothes-free!
Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!
Bare With Pride


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