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Winter Bare
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Monday, November 2, 2015

Bottom-Shaming: Check This Out

My blogging buddy and friend, Kishna, the author of the blog, GayteKeeper, a few days ago published an excellent article calling for the end of bottom-shaming. This is the practice of marginalizing the passive (bottom) partner in a same gender loving relationship (hook-up) for the growing number of HIV infections. 

For more than thirty years in the HIV/AIDS pandemic, we're still playing the counter-productive blame-game for the transmission of this disease. Instead of pointing fingers and trying to shift responsibility to others, we should all "man-up" and acknowledge our own culpability, work together and end this epidemic. 

To read his excellent post, click on the direct link: It Is Time To End Bottom Shaming.  

Thank you, Kishna, for your love and service to our same gender loving naturist/nudist community.

I strongly urge everyone to visit his site and to carefully read the posting!

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

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