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Winter Bare
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Friday, December 18, 2015

Photo-Blog: Nude Dudes: We Need More Like Him!

The last nude dudes post for 2015 salutes all our bare and hirsute advocates!

In many ways, all of us, whether we intend to or not, are advocates for nudity. Simply by choosing to be clothes-free publicly, we are a testament to our support of social nudity and naked living. Our nakedness identifies us as such regardless of whether we like it or not. We may not consider ourselves as policy proponents, but whenever we participate in any type of nude activity, be it social, athletic or just "hanging out" bare with friends, we are sending a message to others that it is okay to be clothes-free. If we truly enjoy being bare with our friends, then that's not a bad statement to give. 

December's nude dude pictured above is delivering a political statement by both his public nudity and by his sign that he's standing beside: Real men say NO to clothes. The sign itself implies that if you're wearing clothing, then your masculinity is compromised if not completely nullified. In light of today's hyped-version of total manhood, the signage alone will cause a reaction among many men. The wording alone questions the manhood of anyone who is dressed.  

In other words, if you really want to be considered a true man, then you'll stop wearing clothes and go about your business bare, nude, naked, clothes-free. Given my preference for natural (no clothing whatsoever) men, that's not such a bad idea. However, given the hypocritical modesty of most of our gender, too many will probably take offense.

Real men say NO to clothes! You can safely bet your last pair of boxers that they do! And often, they are doing so stripping out of their garments and strutting around bare in their birthday suits as fast as they are able!   

Another and personally equal reason for honoring the nude dude in this photograph is based on my preference of naturally hirsute men. I don't shave any of my body hair (below the neck) and I both appreciate and admire the same in the other members of my gender. 

We aren't born wearing clothes, so why bother? Our body hair grows naturally in men past adolescence, so why shave it? In my humble opinion, a man with shaved armpits, chest and pubes looks too sanitized and artificial. I want a man who looks like a man, not a prepubescent boy. A shaved face and head is fine, but when it comes to naturally occurring body hair, keep the fur. 

Please don't misunderstand me. I realize that all men are different. Some have hairy chests and others do not. Others have hairy asses (butts) and then there are those who are naturally smooth. Some have profuse armpit and pubic hairs and others have only a sparse amount. The point here is that I prefer us all to let our body hair be where it grows and not try to appear as something we are not. A smooth, hairless body on a man is not what nature intended. 

The above comments are my own opinion and not that of any official governing naturist/nudist body (if such even exists). I know there are many of my bare brethren around who shave (or otherwise remove) their body hair. Whatever works best for each individual is fine. I am merely sharing my own truth about what is pleasing to me. It is not my intention to offend anyone.

For those of you, like myself, who indeed appreciate a naturally hairy man, enjoy the "eye-candy." 

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Bare With Pride

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