Winter Bare

Winter Bare
Bare Stare and totally relaxed!

Monday, June 20, 2016

First Day of Summer, 2016!

Summer, 2016!

At long last, Summer has finally arrived (at least in the Northern Hemisphere)! Make every moment count as the countdown to Autumn is also underway. This means, too, that if you've procrastinated in making plans for this summer's social events, you'd better get busy as every guy's calendar is already becoming filled by now.  

Pool parties, beach trips, barbecues, picnics and scores of outdoor athletic events are just some of the gatherings on the agenda of many. I recommend that if you really want to host a clothes-free social for your bare buddies this summer, begin planning today. Let others know the date as soon as possible. Avoid the disappointment of hosting an activity and having poor attendance.  


Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Bare With Pride


Khalil D. said...

Happy Summer Solstice!!!!

Bare With Pride said...

And the same to you, Lil Buddy! Stay bare and have fun!