Winter Bare

Winter Bare
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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Photo-Blog: Do Something Naked Today, June 1, 2016

Let's All Go For A Skinny-Dip Today!

Now that the Summer Season, 2016, is almost here, what better way to celebrate GLBT Pride Month and the warmer weather than by swimming bare (skinny-dipping)?  All that's necessary are a pair of shorts, a swim-suit, or pants - in other words, an item of clothing to strip out of and discard. After all, the entire purpose of a skinny-dipping adventure is to strip out of your clothes and to swim naked! By the way, you'll also need a body or water or a pool! 

Once you feel the sunshine beginning to warm both you and the air around you, strip off whatever you're wearing and let the naked sunshine warm your bare body! Allow some time for you to lay back and enjoy the sensation of just the sun's rays and the warm air caressing every inch of your nudity. 

Once you're completely at ease being entirely clothes-free and "hanging loose," then you know the time is right for you to jump in and allow the water to cover you with nothing between your skin and the soothing water!

This is the wonderful pleasure of skinny-dipping! Just you and the glories of the natural environment. There are no cumbersome or confining clothing to limit your freedom or your movement. Just yourself and the skin that you're "in!"

Congratulations! You've now just skinny-dipped! The next time, invite a friend along so the both of you can frolic naked and free, both in the water and out! Part of the fun in skinny-dipping is sharing nudity with buddies! Who knows, the next time you may even encounter some fellow skinny-dippers and make some fantastic bare friends!

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Bare With Pride!

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