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Winter Bare
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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Get Your Rest!

There's no denying it, the winter holiday season is fast-paced, chaotic and very frantic. The shopping alone, even the weekly task of buying groceries is a daunting challenge. Then add in the extra food supplies needed to prepare all those holiday goodies and it becomes a major undertaking. 

Next is the bustle and hustle of shopping for everyone's gift. Braving the crowds, finding a parking space, navigating through the traffic and then the endless walking through the malls, shopping centers or even one store require patience, tolerance and quite a bit of extraordinary breathing techniques. Don't forget the actual selection of your purchase and the long lines waiting to pay for your gifts. The very survival of these ordeals warrants a medal and notable recognition. 

Then comes the never-ending rounds of office socials, the holiday gatherings of neighbors and organizations, friends and of course family obligations. At times, it seems as though every waking moment is consumed with the holiday celebration; and, the holidays haven't even arrived here yet! 

The accompanying chores of cooking, baking and gift wrapping, fortunately, can usually be done while in the relative peace and safety of our homes but are time-consuming and also have a time-line of their own.  

The stress level peaks. When the pressure becomes too great, someone, somewhere, always manages to find one more task that needs to be done. It seems like there is no relief for the weary and over-burdened.  

That is why it is so important for us to pace ourselves and make sure that we have enough time for not only ourselves but also our spouse, partner or significant other. We're only human, after all, and we all need time to relax and unwind and release the stress. We need to take the time and make sure that we are getting enough sleep. 

With so many responsibilities and only a limited amount of time, many of us compensate by reducing the amount of time allocated to sleeping. In the back of our minds, we justify this by deluding ourselves that we'll somehow "catch-up" on our sleep after the holidays are over.

However, we all know that we can never balance sleep-deprivation. It isn't possible. And most importantly, it isn't healthy.  

With all the additional errands that we're rushing around trying to complete, we're travelling, even locally, more than normal. And distracted driving (yes, lack of sleep is a distraction) is hazardous not only for ourselves but also every other driver on the roads we traverse. 

The lack of sleep impairs our judgment and causes us to take risks we would otherwise not take. When operating a motor vehicle, this alone can be a fatal or, at best, harmful to not only ourselves but others as well. 

It also creates inattentiveness, affects our ability to focus and increases our susceptibility to stress. We're less able to make make rational decisions and to resolve conflicts. We become short-tempered and argumentative. 

Not attributes that any of us need during the winter holidays.

Do everyone, especially yourself, a favor. Get plenty of sleep!

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Bare With Pride


RobFather X said...

Well Roger, it looks like you've covered all the bases regarding the need and importance of us humans getting sleep; something which – as you’ve pointed out, is indeed exceptionally important for our health and for our safety.
We need to consider how many electronic and visually-electronic “toys” and gadgets (e.g., smart phones, mobile devices, computers) and how certain addictions to social media networks (things which were not available when you and I were teens) can serve as the reasons for why some of us resist the urge to go to bed when we damn well know that we should. We often create excuses to resist the urge to lie down and shut our eyes simply because we’re so afraid that we might miss something!
CHECK IT: The body and the brain need rest to regenerate and/or repair organs, to digest the food we’ve consumed, to strengthen our immune system (which helps to fight or ward off certain illnesses) and to recharge the mind. Of course such things can happen while our body is wide awake but only to a certain degree; never as efficiently as when our body is at rest. Let’s not forget that some of the nicest people we know who don’t get enough sleep or who suffer from insomnia can snap at us or worse, turn out to be such assholes to us or to someone else! I'm of the opinion that relying [heavily] on some Starbucks-like fancy coffee drink and/or those “5-hour energy drinks” and candy bars to get through the day cannot and do not replace the body and mind’s need to REST and properly recharge.
But I digress.
Since your blog proudly celebrates the freedom of nudity, I’d like to add that sleeping naked/nude has been found to offer huge benefits in ensuring one can enjoy a good night's (or day's) sleep. I speak from decades of personal experience! For many reasons (which has never made much sense to me), some adults are reluctant to sleep in the nude. Go figure.
SHAMELESS PLUG: Two years ago I wrote a [rather lengthy] article about sleeping nude/naked which perhaps you and the faithful followers of this good blog are most invited to read – provided of course, you each have the time. Here's the link:
Thanks for writing and posting another good article, Roger… and for the important reminder advice to us to get some REST!
Be well and stay bare, buddy! Hugs & tugs!

Bare With Pride said...

Rob, As always, thank YOU, my bare buddy and friend for the time you spent reading my post and then entering a comment here. Your wisdom and insight is a welcome enhancement and bonus for us all! I do indeed remember your post on the benefits of sleeping nude and encourage all of those who read here to check it out!

Much love, naked hugs and a gentle Tug especially for you, my blogging partner!