Winter Bare

Winter Bare
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Monday, May 1, 2017

May 1, 2017: Do Something Naked Today!

Today is Monday, May 1, 2017! It's Do Something Naked Day here at Guys Without Boxers: Bare With Pride. Now that Spring and the warmer weather is back, let's all strip and skinny-dip!

Not quite sure about how to strip and skinny-dip? No problem! Not to worry, we'll show you how it's done. There are just two prerequisites: 1) you need a body of water in which to swim (lake, ocean, pond, pool, river, stream) and 2) at least one item of clothing to strip off before you enter the body of water. That's it! Nothing else is necessary!

The dude above removes his swimsuit after he's already in the pool, but that's okay; what's important is that you swim completely naked! So whip off whatever it is that you're wearing and get ass-naked! 

Now that you're finally bare, check around you to see who else is skinny-dipping along with you. Normally, all it takes is for one dude to strip down and others soon follow. Almost everyone likes to skinny-dip and the more the merrier! 

One more piece of advice: remember to swim around a little bit. After all, skinny-dipping is nothing more than swimming clothes-free! Now get busy and show off your swimming skills and your handsome nudity!

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Bare With Pride

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