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Winter Bare
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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Bare Companion Pages Feature

Since starting this blog, Guys Without Boxers, on August 19, of this year, I've added two separate companion pages here. The first page, Bare With Pride, (click to view) is a page where I'll feature photographs, some old, some current or new, of my nudity. If I'm to be a credible resource and author, I believe I should at least demonstrate my own nakedness and my pride and confidence in being bare and sharing my pictures to all readers here. One of the purposes of publishing this site is to encourage all readers here to take pride in their naked bodies and in their same gender loving status. It is my desire that this page represent that objective. 

The second companion page, Nudecentric Briefs, (click to access) offers suggestions to readers of different ways of achieving pride in their own nudity and various methods of increasing their own comfort level with being bare in their lives and around others. We all know the importance of being the man that we all naturally are. It is hoped that by showing how to attain naked comfort we can all optimize and maximize our collective bare essence and share our confidence with others. 

Both of these pages are a "work-in-progress" and will be updated and expanded periodically throughout the course of this site. Ideally, additions will be made on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. Plans are to increase the companion page offerings as the need arises or as circumstances determine.

I've created a companion page entitled Contact Me. This contains my email address, which normally never changes. This page may vary in images but otherwise, it isn't an active "work-in-progress" addition.  

To access these companion pages from Guys Without Boxers homepage, scroll down the right-side of your screen.  Below the banner proclaiming "I am bare and proud" there are two columns of  blog topics. Locate the one entitled Guys Without Boxers Companion Pages and click onto the page you wish to view. 

As I wrote above, my intention is to add more companion pages here to Guys Without Boxers as the need arises. If any reader has any suggestion as to a topic, please leave your idea in the "comments" section below. This offer for suggestions isn't restricted just to this particular post. Anytime there is a topic referral, simply offer a comment.   Thanks!  

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Bare With Pride


The Black Male Nudist said...

I'm loving this site. Thanks for the Companion Pages!!!

Bare With Pride said...

Thank you for all of your support, Lil Buddy! Take care and stay proudly bare!