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Winter Bare
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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Purple Spirit Day: Anti-Bullying Campaign

This year, Gay, Lesbian Allied Against Discrimination (GLAAD) is once again sponsoring Purple Spirit Day to raise awareness of bullying and other negative actions directed towards GLBT youth. Purple Spirit Day was first observed in 2010 and this year is on October 15 (tomorrow). This year marks the fifth year of GLAAD sponsorship of the initiative. For additional information, go to the GLAAD website: Purple Spirit Day. Click the link to view.  

I am publishing this in anticipation of the October 15 date. I want to give readers notice to prepare for the event and some information they may share with others.

Please remember to wear something purple tomorrow to show your support of GLAAD and this awareness campaign. We all need to work together to end the bullying and taunting of our youth (and all GLBT people in general). Even though I prefer to be bare, I'm proudly wearing a purple shirt into my office tomorrow!

Purple Spirit Day is an excellent example of a truly grass-roots activist-generated awareness campaign. In 2010, Brittany McMillan, a then high-school student became concerned about the growing number of teen suicides by GLBT students. She then used social media to launch her idea of an awareness day to combat sexual orientation bullying. Her postings went viral and soon GLAAD championed her cause. 

During the past several years, Ms. McMillan has been a guest speaker on many campuses to share her experiences in spearheading the Purple Spirit Day effort. Her addresses have inspired many young people to become actively involved in the fight against bullying in general and homophobia in particular.  

This year, both Target, Inc. and the Wells Fargo Bank have joined this initiative and GLAAD as proud co-sponsors. 

In lieu of a purple shirt or tie, sweater or blouse, some may opt to wear a purple awareness ribbon. To make your own, take a 5 or 6 inch strip of purple ribbon, fold as shown below. Use a safety pin to fasten the lengths together and to attach to your shirt. 

Please remember to wear purple and/or a purple awareness ribbon tomorrow, October 15, 2015. Happy Purple Spirit Day! If you have the time available, make a few purple awareness ribbons to share with others who are interested in taking a stand against bullying and homophobia.

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

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The Black Male Nudist said...

I STAND UP AGAINST BULLYING!!!! Down with Bullying!!!

Bare With Pride said...

Thanks for commenting here, Lil Buddy! I appreciate your imput!