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Winter Bare
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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Coming In October...

October arrives this upcoming Saturday and that means the beginning of a month-long commemoration of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender (GLBT) History Month. In the USA, this time is observed to raise public awareness and understanding of the many contributions that the GLBT community has made in our daily lives. In is a time to commemorate our past, celebrate our present and to envision our future. 

Here, at Guys Without Boxers: Bare With Pride, the four Fridays of this month will feature a pictorial posting of moments of same gender loving bare moments from our past. The photographs do not necessarily depict any historical personage, but instead they remind us that same gender love isn't a concept of recent years but a love and a lifestyle that has endured for centuries. Contrary to current teachings and rantings of the fundamental extremists clergy, same gender love and an appreciation for living nude has been a part of the human experience since the dawn of humanity.  

The photographs that will publish on the October Fridays aren't mine. They are among the images that I have saved over the past year for the purpose of posting here. They were collected from the public domain of the internet and not supplied by any one individual or commercial source.  

As a means of celebrating our GLBT community's present during our history month, A Guy Without Boxers: Bare With Pride will publish an interview with one of my favorite gay nude bloggers, Jerome. In this interview, he'll share with us a little about his background on nudity, on being gay and about his blogging. In addition, he's included some fantastic photos of himself that clearly demonstrate his confidence in being both gay and clothes-free! This post is tentatively scheduled for publication on Wednesday, October 19. 

I am thankful to Jerome for his collaboration on this endeavor and am eager to introduce him to all of you. He does our same gender loving bare community proud! I'm so excited over this project that I'm sharing one picture of his nakedness below! 

Jerome is not only proud to be bare, he also isn't ashamed or embarrassed about sharing his nudity with others. A perfect example of a man who's living his life openly and honestly. He's an ideal inspiration for us all!

I'm pleased to add an "interview" component to the features of Guys Without Boxers: Bare With Pride. Any of my blogging brothers interested in being a part of this process, please email me:

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Bare With Pride


Ajnt86 said...

Sounds excellent! Thanks for your hard work!!

Bare With Pride said...

Thank you for your time to enter your thoughts here! I'm glad that you think you'll enjoy the features! Please feel free to comment here again. Take care and stay bare!