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Friday, January 13, 2017

Friday Footnote: Having Sex In Your Childhood Home

Earlier this week, my blogging brother and buddy, Kishna, author of A Gayte Keeper I Am, published an entry on his site asking reader's reactions to a situation that occurred when he accompanied his boyfriend to his home for the winter holidays. Click the title to read the post and comments, Is Sex In Your Childhood Home Okay Or Disrespectful?  I read the post as I am familiar with both he and his boyfriend and was curious as to what prompted the posting. 

Please read my friend's article before reading my foot-note here. Thanks! And before anyone gets the wrong idea, I'm not posting any images of two men having sex here. But I am showing a gif image of two men kissing!

This is a timely topic that I think affects many of us in the gay community. Due to the changing attitudes towards same gender love and the fluidity of marriage equality, this situation is probably more common than many of us realize. It can also create a resounding death-knell for many otherwise happy and stable relationships. 

With marriage equality being a fairly recent phenomena that isn't widely available to all of us, the acceptance of gay relationships doesn't have the same legitimate or legal sanction for us as it does for same gender challenged couples. Therefore, families confronted with having a gay couple visit overnight or longer are confronted with their traditional beliefs being "put-to-the-test" by the reality "under their roof."

Of course, we all know that there is no fool-proof answer to this question. Family dynamics vary from household to household and no two families are identical. Everyone of us is inevitably going to have to base their decision on their particular family situation. This is especially true if there are to be other guests staying in the home during the same period. 

In my own case, since Twin and I both came out during our teen-age years, it was always understood that when we brought a partner into the family home, that we'd sleep together. The first time that I met Aaron's parents, we didn't share the same bedroom. After we were married in August, 2015, it became a moot issue. We now share the same bed when we're at his parents.  

As same gender loving couples, it is important, for the sake of harmony, that we respect the feelings of others while we're guests in their home. If we're legally married, then we can ask to be permitted to sleep together (share the same bed). If we're not married, then we should leave well enough alone.

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

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