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Winter Bare
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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Gym Crowding

The New Year is the traditional time to implement resolutions for both personal and professional growth and development. It makes sense to introduce changes to our habits and routines at the start of a new calendar. This allows us a maximum amount of time to integrate these new adjustments into our personal or professional routine so that we achieve our goals and desired results. 

One observation I've made over the past few years is the appearance of a multitude of new members beginning in January. My custom is to workout in the early morning before heading off to work. Normally, this is the least crowded time of the day which affords me fewer distractions to interrupt my regimen. I'm able to stay focused, set my own pace and complete my workout routine. 

Then the month of January rolls around and suddenly, hordes of new member flood into the gym throwing off my pattern, getting in the way and asking all sorts of questions about how a particular piece of equipment works or why am I doing a particular exercise. My hour and a half-long routine now gets extended to two hours or longer and I either have to wake up earlier or arrive at work later. For me, working out at the end of the day isn't an option due to my body's metabolism and the larger gym attendance after work hours as opposed to the early morning time. 

I'm not opposed to helping out my fellow fitness enthusiasts when needed. I am not an unfriendly man. But once the influx of new gym members happens, everyone who has a question on how to use the equipment or a particular benefit of a certain exercise always manage to flock to the one individual who seems helpful. Never mind that there are paid employees who are sitting at the reception desk and one of their job duties is to provide the service sought. If you're willing to commit to a physical fitness goal, then at least be willing to walk to the front desk instead of imposing on the kindness of the person beside you! 

I'm not the only one who feels this way. I have friends at the gym who have shared their thoughts and are of the same mindset. A few of the professional trainers on staff have indicated that they feel the same. Despite the signage posted throughout the workout area encouraging that questions be directed to staff and not fellow members, this situation continues to occur.

I applaud all those who adopt a fitness goal to improve their health and well-being. Far too many people in today's world suffer from obesity and do very little (if anything at all) to improve their stamina, not to mention their self-esteem. I'm more than amenable to help whenever I can. However, I pay my gym membership dues for the convenience of being able to maintain my own wellness.   

It just strikes me as absurd to come to me for assistance on how to start the treadmill. You can just as easy walk the distance from the cardiovascular equipment to the front desk and get one of the staff to show you rather than disrupt my routine!

And don't even get me started on the tangent that most of the gym newcomers in January won't set foot back inside the facility after six weeks!

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

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