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Winter Bare
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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Our Love

The reason that we have the reality of love and romance is that we, as humans, are all members of a very social species. Our social interactions help to define who we are and to give us a perspective of our place in the universe. 

Unlike some other species of life, humans tend to prefer emotional attachments to those with whom we share a physical attachment. In the past, these attachments were considered to be life-long. Recent developments have removed some of the permanency expectations of these relationships and instead it is now understood that these attachments can last over a period of time not necessarily ending with the death of one partner.  

These relationships often reflect an emotional bond between two, and sometimes more, individuals based on how internalize our feelings (emotions) that the individuals generate within us. This response is what we generally refer to as love, which is mostly understood to be one of the strongest emotions that many ever experience.   

When we are attracted to another person, one of our initial desires is to manifest our attraction through a kiss. Depending on how our body reacts to this kiss guides us to our next step.

This next step is usually more physical than just a kiss and involves the sense of touch. We hold, hug, cuddle and explore our bodies to determine if we need to progress further in our relationship

This next step culminates in our physical intimacy, whether within or outside a wedding or marriage. This step, like those above, generates responses both mentally and internally that guide us through all the intricacies of our relationship. 

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

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The Black Nudist said...

Another Great Post. Love is important