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Winter Bare
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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Bare: How Do You Stand?

While the 2016 is still relatively "new," think for a moment. When you're bare, how do you stand? Are you like the gentleman on the left, unsure of your nakedness and ashamed of your body? Or are you similar to the man on the right, confident and prepared to share your nudity with all those who care to look upon you? 

For the remainder of 2016, please personify comfort and integrity in being publicly bare (nude, naked or clothes-free). Keep these two stances, as well as others, in mind when we go forth and are bare in the company of others, regardless of their clothed status. 

Our body language often reflects our level of confidence in a particular situation. It also has the power to speak to others, with the message often more potent than any spoken words we may utter. 

Our "bare stance" tells the world either all of our shame or all of our confidence in our bodies and in our being clothes-free. The dude on the left is decidedly uncomfortable about his body, his being bare or both. He is holding his head down and avoiding eye-contact. He's concealing his "junk" (genitalia, penis). The message that he's sending out to the world is that he's uncomfortable and insecure. It's as though he'd rather be anywhere else besides where he is at this moment: completely naked and in front of the photographer.

On the other hand, the dude on the right is exuding both confidence in his being nude and in his body. He's holding his head up and and staring off ready to meet anyone, eyeball-to-eyeball. He's not avoiding anyone. He's standing tall and proud. 

Both men have very attractive bodies and are in relatively good shape. They're both well-tones and their weight is proportionate to their individual height. Aside from their respective skin tones, they're practically identical. Neither one has any obvious features to be of concern or to cause any embarrassment (unless the man on the left is unsure of his penis size).  

We all know that both gentlemen are following the directions of the photographer and/or photo-shoot director. If there's another message (aside from bare or nude pride) that is trying to be conveyed here, it completely escapes me. Personally, being bare is a matter of pride, not one of embarrassment or shame. Be confident of your nudity; stand tall and without guilt! 

Keep this image in the back of your mind the next time we're in a socially bare environment. Let's remember to send the positive message about our nudity to everyone present! 

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Bare With Pride


The Black Male Nudist said...

Interesting post. I chose to stand with pride!!!

Bare With Pride said...

Great job, my bare blogging buddy! I do the same! Love and naked hugs!

Kevin Whittenberge said...


Bare With Pride said...

Thank you for taking the time to post a comment here. I hope you return to visit this site again! Take care and stay proud and bare!