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Winter Bare
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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Question: Do Men With Body Hair Stay Warmer In Winter?

Some may think the question is totally asinine. As body hair is usually very fine in texture, how can it possibly keep anyone warm? After all, all that awesome fur, even on the most hirsute of men, isn't enough to offer comfort on the frigid days of the winter season. Or does it? 

In the process of evolving, the original purpose of body hair was to retain body heat or to aid in perspiration to cool the body. Once humans began to wear clothing to protect the body from temperature extremes, the amount of body hair necessary diminished over time to what we see on men now. 

The diversity in the amount and density of body hair we have today is a result of the geographic dispersion of our ancestors and our own genetic markers. Someone born close to one of the polar icecaps who suddenly moves to an equatorial climate is not going to change his density of body hair overnight or even in his lifetime. Evolution doesn't work that way.   

The advent of clothing, over the course of many years (generations) has altered the necessity of body hair for staying warm during the cooler/colder times of the year. The result of this evolution has reduced the functional purpose of our hirsuteness. The result is that less and less body hair is required for the comfort (warmth) and the survival of our species, homo sapiens. 

Many same gender loving men are attracted to men with body hair, yours truly included. As a nudist, I happen to prefer my man to be as natural as possible, and this includes his being hairy in all the "right" places: armpits, pubic area, and any chest hair that nature has endowed upon him. This is my personal preference.

I understand that others think and prefer otherwise and I respect their feelings and choices. A shaved or un-naturally hairless man just isn't attractive to me. However, to each his own preference. 

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

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