Winter Bare

Winter Bare
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Friday, February 19, 2016

Photo-Blog: Nude Dudes: February, 2016

By this time of the years, I am just sick and tired of all the frigid temperatures and the winter weather. Many times, I find myself lying in bed and dreaming of the warm days of summer ahead. This post is all about sharing with you the dreams that always miraculously return, night after night.

The image above almost creates a nightmare for me. Is this the look of all the beaches of the future?With all the sand he's got stuck to his back and ass, is there any sand left on the beach?

I'm not sure about the above image. I can't decide why I am fascinated with this scene. Is it the nude dude on the beach or is it the inviting view of the beach itself. Perhaps it is a combination of them both. My mind tells me that it is definitely both the two combined.

Another scenario that I sometimes visit in my dreams is of a crowded beach on one of the many holiday weekends during the season. A mental vision of an endless sea of masculine nudity, bare buttocks and penises as far as the eye can see. The infinite beauty that is bare mankind at its best! This sight is synonymous with the idea of a gay paradise. 

I am just so ready for the return of the Spring-time! I know it's just a month away; does anyone know how to "fast-forward" the calendar?

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Bare With Pride


Yannick Taylor said...

I'm ready for Spring and Summer myself Lord Help Us

Bare With Pride said...

Hang in there, Lil Buddy! Springtime is almost here! Love and many bare hugs!