Winter Bare

Winter Bare
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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Proudly Bare!

This bare dude is obviously proud as hell to take this selfie of himself and post it to whatever social media outlet he prefers. First, he's got both his face and the reflection of his nude buttocks in the picture and second, he's got his clothing and shoes all neatly stored away in his closet, which is where they should be. Third, and not the least, he's definitely not in the closet with his garments. He's out and clothes-free, with no regrets!

Good for him. Bare and proud with no shame!

Too often on social media sites, guys pose with their male anatomy fully exposed but no face contained in their images. This gives the impression that either they're ashamed of their physical anatomy or that they're embarrassed about being naked (or maybe even both). This tells the viewer that they fear recognition by friends and/or family. If this is indeed the case, then why bother to even entertain the thought of posting an image on social media that shows frontal or rear-end nakedness? If it is indeed your site or page, viewers will know this beforehand.

I am a staunch advocate in favor of same gender loving social nudity in particular and communal nakedness in general and try to encourage bare pride in others, regardless of their sexual orientation. That's part of the goal and/or reason of sharing this blog. If we're all about living clothes-free, then let's do it without guilt or remorse. There's absolutely nothing disgusting or wrong in being a gay naturist/nudist. Be confident in being who you truly are! 

One final note on this photograph above. He evidently put some thought into the matter before he posed for this "selfie." His clothing and footwear are organized in either the closet rack or on a shelf. There is no chaotic clutter in the image's background. Nice job!

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Bare With Pride


uncle barry said...

I so agree with you about his attention to background detail
So often I think don't these guys look behind them before posting their selfie?

Bare With Pride said...

So true, my friend. Thanks for leaving a comment and for visiting here. Take care and stay bare, Uncle Barry!