Winter Bare

Winter Bare
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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Photo-Blog: Bottoms-Up: End of August, 2016


End of August, 2016

Today is August 31, 2016, the last day of the last full month of the Summer. Where did all of this season of sand, sun and surf disappear? It feels as though it was only last week when I was writing about my joy at the arrival of this time of the year. Now it is almost all in our past! 

Starting with a Bottoms-Up! featuring the best and bountiful buttocks of a bare dude enjoying the seasonal delights of the sand, surf and sun, we'll recall our own experiences with these elements during the preceding weeks.

Our next feature is a guy who is most definitely proud to bare his booty for all to see and lust for! I know many would jump in and join him skinny-dipping while anxious to engage in some aquatic acrobatics!

Our final Bottoms-Up man for August, 2016, is happily performing some hand-stands on the beach in honor of all those who competed in this year's Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil! Let's hope he remembered to apply sunscreen on his booty!

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Bare With Pride