Winter Bare

Winter Bare
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Wednesday, August 10, 2016


Now here's a bare man with entirely too much time on his hands and in desperate need of a best friend! Any lonely naturist/nudist out there care to volunteer to be by his side on the beach? We already know that he's not shy about his nudity and enjoys being clothes-free. What else is important? 

All levity aside, I do have an identical twin brother. Like myself, he is also same gender loving (gay), Deaf and a practicing social nudist. Growing up, we were inseparable and even to this day, we text to each other all the time. We no longer live in the same cities, he's in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and I'm in Arlington, Virginia, but we frequently commute to either his townhouse or Aaron and my condo. We can probably drive the distance in our sleep! 

Twin (that's how we refer to each other, his name is Alex) and I shared a bedroom growing up and have always been privy to one another's secrets. Growing up, our friends were the same as were our favorite activities. Long before we understood what the word, "identical," meant, there was only a minimal amount of individualism in our lives. It wasn't until the onset of puberty that I am able to recall any distinct difference in our respective personalities.

Frequently, I am asked by gay friends when they learn that I have a same gender loving twin brother is about our sexual experiences. It seems that they, as well as many others, have simply watched too many porn movies that often portray twin brothers as engaging in all types of sexual encounters with not only one another but also with the same partner(s). I am being completely honest in writing that Twin (Alex) and I never had sex with one another nor knowingly shared a sexual partner. 

Sure, in our early adolescent years we masturbated separately while together. At that age, most boys feel they instinctive urge to masturbate in the company of their peers. However, regardless of what the porn studios and producers want their audiences to believe, having a twin does not automatically guarantee a sexual "playmate." Alex and I, together and individually, have known other sets of same gender loving twins and not a single pair have ever, to our knowledge, performed any sexual acts upon one another aside from simultaneous masturbation.  

The fact that Twin and I are both social naturists/nudists doesn't alter the reality that we haven't been mutually sexually active. We aren't physically attracted to one another for starters. Secondly, we were raised in a family that taught us that physical intimacy between siblings was incest and therefore taboo. True, neither one of us always did as we were told and neither one of us are perfect men. However, that is maybe the only lesson our parents passed down to us that we both understood, respected and followed.   

Having a twin brother afforded us both the opportunity for companionship and eliminated the need for the invisible, imaginary "friend" while growing up. In our case, there was always another sibling to experience our growing appreciation of nudity.

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Bare With Pride

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