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Winter Bare
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Friday, November 4, 2016

Decision Time: USA Elections

In the United States, next Tuesday, November 8, is Election Day. This particular election is very important as not only do we choose our next president, but also the members of the Congress. This is a crucial time as whomever we elect will have to decide on the replacement for the late Supreme Court Justice Scalia. As this is a life-time appointment, our nation's future is now in the balance. 

If anyone reading here is still undecided on their choice of candidate for the office of president and for the Congressional candidates, please use this weekend to carefully think about not only your future, but also the possible direction for our country. All of the candidates tell you what they believe you want to hear in order to sway your vote. However, it is up to each of us to decide who is worthy of our vote and who will actually work hard to honor their campaign promises. 

Weigh your choices and decide now which candidates to support with your vote. Make voting on Tuesday, November 8, a priority. If you aren't sure where your local polling station/voting precinct is located, use this time to find out now. Plan your day so that you have plenty of time to visit your neighborhood election facility and cast your vote. 

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