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Winter Bare
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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Struggle Ahead...

There is no doubt in any one's mind that the next four years, especially here in the USA, are going to be a period of hardship, struggle and challenges for this country's GLBT community in particular and for the broader society in general. Over this past weekend, the upcoming new chief executive announced the proposed dismantling of the Affordable Health Care Act (mistakenly and disrespectfully labelled "Obama care") and his planned immediate deportation of several million undocumented residents. This same person referred to all of these persons as "criminals" and "undesirables." His Nazi-esque pronouncement appears to be a phrase taken directly from a Hitler diatribe about the Jews in 1930s Germany.

And to think a slender minority of the American people chose to support this man in our recent election. I simply cannot understand, no matter how much I try, to comprehend his reasoning. Does he even have one competent person advising him that his hateful speech is so reminiscent of Adolph Hitler?   

In threatening (promising) to remove certain provisions of the Affordable Health Care Act (AHCA), the future leader risks alienating millions of citizens and leaving them all stranded without any type of health protection. Not to mention the health and safety of everyone in this country. Any disease transmitted through a broad segment of the general population, untreated, can mutate and infect multitudes and rapidly become a general pandemic. This is too great a threat to all of us to take a chance on. AHCA provided basic health services to more than eight million Americans who were otherwise unable to afford access to regular care. As a nation, we cannot play roulette with our lives.

Recent outbreaks of highly contagious conditions, such as ebola several years ago and zika this year have demonstrated our vulnerability as a country. Any efforts to restrict expensive health care to a sizable segment of our population only puts us, as a nation, at greater risk of a disease/disaster that will impact us all. 

Arbitrary deportation isn't going to solve any of the problems related to undocumented workers. They were able to enter this country once and many will find a way to do it again. What is needed are programs and plans that encourage and support these individuals to come forward, and seek solutions that allow them to stay here legally and become productive citizens. Enabling them rather than excluding them from seeking their dream of responsible citizenship. 

This recent political campaign was especially divisive, hateful and disgraceful. Our new chief executive would be wise to work towards unifying and healing our nation rather than wasting time and energy on removing existing programs that are already in place, particularly without providing a well-considered alternative to correct whatever flaws that may exist.

The new-president presumptive should remember that he did not win the popular vote. The majority of Americans are not automatically behind him based on his job title. Respect must be earned and is not guaranteed.

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Bare With Pride


♫Musique♫ said...

I agree it will be a struggle but we will win

Bare With Pride said...

Hey, Lil Buddy! I really hope that we can prevail but we both know it will be a challenge. Thanks for visiting here and for leaving a comment. Take care and stay bare, my friend! Naked hugs!