Winter Bare

Winter Bare
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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving USA!

Preparing the feast!

Today is the observance of the Thanksgiving Holiday in the USA. This is the celebration in gratitude of a bountiful and successful harvest and was originally organized by the European colonists and their neighbors, the indigenous peoples of this country, the Native Americans. There is some discord as to where the first Thanksgiving celebration actually happened. Some say the people in the Massachusetts Bay Colony held the first feast. Other scholars cite documentation that the first observance occurred in the Virginia Colony. 

Abraham Lincoln was the president who signed the legislation that designated the fourth Thursday of November as the official date of the holiday throughout the USA. Since that time, it is traditionally a gathering of family, friends and neighbors to share a meal and show their appreciation to one another. Football games are the customary past-time on this day as well as parades to mark the arrival of the winter holiday season. 

Turkey, stuffing, cranberry dishes and pumpkin pies are the staple foods usually served for this holiday. Other dishes are prepared in accordance with the culture and customs of the heritage of various families.  

The above cartoon, entitled "Stuffing the Turk" is by Allesio in Wonderland. I follow his blog and the link appears in the Blogs I Follow gadget to the right of this page. The man in the Fez is the one being "stuffed" by the chef. 

Today, the "family oriented" nature of this holiday has been almost completely replaced by the commercialism surrounding the winter holidays. Shopping has superseded families and togetherness increasing numbers of Americans take advantage of special sales to kick-off the winter buying frenzy. Most major retail establishments are now open extended hours on this date. Similarly, many fast-food and eat-in restaurants are now open to cater to the appetites of the shopping public.  

My husband, Aaron, and I are spending Thanksgiving in the more traditional manner. We are at his parent's home with all of his siblings and their families. After attending Mass with his family (they are Roman Catholics), we'll sit down and enjoy the traditional foods along with whatever else is prepared for this gathering. Both of Aaron's parents love to cook and I, like most Greeks, love to eat! 

Regardless of how each of you observe this holiday, I am grateful to everyone of you for your continued support of my blogging efforts here.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Bare With Pride

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