Winter Bare

Winter Bare
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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Do Something Naked Today: November 1, 2016

Do Something Naked Today!

November 1, 2016

Get the new month of to a rousing beginning by removing all your clothes and inviting others to join you in doing the same. Nothing helps to cement a new friendship more than sharing a little skin and showing others that you have nothing to hide! 

Share a bare hug today! If there's no partner or room-mate available, contact a friend, invite him to come over, greet him at the door clothes-free and give him a naked hug. It doesn't cost anything and who knows, you might just have gained a new, nude buddy to hang out with. This element of surprise is what helps to keep friendships both exciting and spontaneous. 

After I received my baccalaureate degree from university, my first job in education found me working with an entire faculty who were unfamiliar to me as I was to them. One of the other male teachers I suspected was gay but we never had a chance to discuss our personal lives. Then one day he invited me to his apartment under the excuse to show me his winter holiday tree and other decorations. When we arrived, he excused himself, went into his bedroom and when he emerged several minutes later, he was completely nude and explained that he just wanted to give me a naked hug!

I was totally flabbergasted! I was also impressed with his nudity as he had a few well-endowed features of his anatomy! He delivered his bare hug to me and then it was my turn to give him a surprise as I began to strip off my clothes and join him in being casual, relaxed and clothes-free in his home! 

He made the remark that I didn't seem at all shy about my bare body and was comfortable with nudity. I then explained to him that as a gay nudist man, I was totally at ease with the situation. He then let me know that he wasn't a nudist, per se, but that he thought I might be gay and he figured that by getting naked he could discover whether I was also. 

We remained friends for the rest of the scholastic year and the following summer. He did join me several times for skinny-dipping outings but otherwise had no reason to explore the nudist life. I think he was disappointed that I wasn't interested in dating/having sex with him. Even in my early twenties I knew better than to just pretend affection when in reality it wasn't sincere. 

We all know that nudity is much more than than just having sex. Regardless of our sexuality, we are all bare for a variety of different reasons. Probably the most important being is that we are at our most comfortable and relaxed when we are clothes-free. So invite a friend over, show him how much you value his friendship by welcoming him into your home with a warm, sincere bare bear-hug!

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Bare With Pride

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