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Winter Bare
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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Sunday Morning And Home Alone...

Sunday morning and everyone's off to church except you and a friend...

Regardless of how mature you may act, or even claim to be, there are always situations that arise where your sense of judgment may not be the best. You may give into peer pressure and find yourself involved in activities and behaviors that you know your parents would frown upon and would get you into a whole lot of trouble.

These two "innocents" didn't keep their boxers on too long! 

I know from my own personal experience! Occasionally, Twin (my identical twin brother) and I would be left at home when the rest of the family headed out for church. We are both Deaf since birth, and if the ASL (American Sign Language) interpreter at our church was unavailable, our parents would leave us at home rather than have us sit, bored, during the hour-and-a-half Divine Liturgy. 

The minute they backed the family car out the driveway, Twin (that's how we refer to each other) and I would immediately strip off our clothes and invite neighborhood friends over. Our "naked party" would then begin in earnest.    

Sometimes we would have a friend already hiding in our room or our bathroom upstairs!

We often used this almost two-hour time to mix drinks for ourselves from Papa's usually well-stocked supply. Many times as we sipped our drinks we also practiced smoking cigarettes. Our neighborhood buddies always joined us in our nudity. As we reached adolescence, our bare buddies and us discovered the shared intimacies that accompanied our maturing bodies.  

We almost got caught once when we lost track of the time and our family returned earlier than we expected. We poured-out the remainder of our cocktails and rushed upstairs to retrieve our clothing from the pile of clothes discarded in our bedroom. 

I'm not sure who's underwear I ended up wearing that day! 

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Bare With Pride

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