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Winter Bare
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Friday, July 29, 2016

Summer Sand

A few men that I know use the excuse: there's too much sand at the beach for me to be nude there. Really? That's the best that you can offer for wearing a skimpy swimsuit is that there's too much sand? 

Usually I respond with my standard: how about my next bare pool party? There's no sand on the pool deck! More often than not, they generally quickly change the subject to an entirely different topic. Rather than be honest that they're afraid to be naked socially, they try to make the sand responsible for their insecurities about their bodies. 

Yes, there is absolutely sand at the beach. Sand is one of the essential elements of a beach. When we get wet and then walk onto the beach, sand sticks to our bodies. All of this is a fact of life. This is also one of the attractions that beaches offer humans. Better to have sand on my bare body than covering the crotch area of my swimsuit. Besides, the sand is going to attach itself to you no matter if you're nude or clothed. 

If you're wearing a swimsuit, there's no dignified way to subtly remove sand from your swimsuit crotch other than removing your swimsuit completely and shaking out the sand. My solution is to just be bare completely and brush the sand off of any part of my body. Or, just running back into the ocean and washing it all off. Of course, that only repeats the process all over again. 

But seriously, did sand ever hurt anyone at the beach? Sure, it can be annoying as hell but the inconvenience is more than outweighed by the fun with friends. And that is the main reason we chose the beach in the first place. 

Just because there are pesky flies outside doesn't mean we all stop eating during the summer. If you don't like it, simply avoid picnics. 

There's no escaping the reality that when bare and at the beach, sand is going to get into our genitalia (penis, testicles and buttocks). It's a way of life. And as I wrote above, a rinse in the ocean is a convenient and practical way to wash it away. Nothing complicated about this solution.  

Instead of allowing the aversion to sand prevent your enjoyment of nude beaches, grin and bare all your skin! It all washes off in the ocean and most public beaches provide outdoor showers for rinsing before you exit the beach area. 

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Bare With Pride

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