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Winter Bare
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Friday, July 15, 2016

Photo-Blog: Nude Dudes, July, 2016

Nude Dudes: Beach Fun!

Let's face facts here. There's no shortage of amusements to entertain you at a friendly nude or clothing-optional beach. Depending on your location, the outing can be a week-long nakation (naked + vacation = nakation) or as brief as a one-day visit. There's always fun to be had and new people to meet for however long you plan to visit. 

Before you head out to your "sun-in-the-sun" excursion, regardless the length of stay, make certain that you have all the supplies that you'll need. The most important among these essentials is ample sunscreen of appropriate SPF levels. As shown with the couple above, yes! Even those with darker skin complexion can and do sunburn. No one is immune to the damaging rays of the sun; we're all human. Whether it is one of lotion as shown above or one in a spray shown below, remember to protect your beautiful skin!

It is perhaps a good idea to read my post on sun-protection before you begin your journey. The post, published here, is titled: Before You Bare, Cover Up!  Clicking the title will link you directly to the post. Even if you read it previously, a refresher will usually help. 

Another item you don't want to forget is your camera, especially as the quality of photographs tend to be better than the ones taken on your mobile communication device. Those long winter days can become rather boring and the memories of your beach trip will help to relieve the monotony and hopefully put a smile on your face as you rekindle your days of summer nudity. 

As an amateur photographer, one piece of advice to always remember is that the photographer (the guy with the camera) should always have his back to the sun. Sunglasses help the subjects of the image keep the sun out of their eyes. Another important photo-tip is to keep your lens covered and your camera in its' case when not in use. This prevents sunscreen and sand from accumulating on the lens and on the camera itself. Make certain your camera is kept in a secure, inconspicuous location while on the beach.  

Be safe, have fun and enjoy your visit at your convenient beach! This is the time of the year for sand, surf, and sunshine! You might want to invite a friend along who's never before experienced the joys of social nudity. Who know's you just might make a bare convert!

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Bare With Pride


Rashad Meekins said...

I'm already for my beach nakation! See you there!

Bare With Pride said...

You bet, Rashad! Thanks, buddy! Take care and stay bare!