Winter Bare

Winter Bare
Bare Stare and totally relaxed!

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Early Autumn Hike

The Autumn season is now underway and here in the mid-Atlantic region of the USA, the leaves are slowly beginning to change their color. The Fall Foliage time of year is now just beginning. The peak (prominent) time is expected in this area during the final full week of October. 

For the past ten years, maybe longer, I usually take a nature hike the first weekend in October. This has become a habit that includes a few close naturist/nudist friends for a natural outing during the daylight hours. We hike along a familiar trail generally leaving in the late morning and not returning to our vehicles until the late afternoon. 

Our hiking is broken-up by frequent stops to allow for a brief rest, water and snacks. During this time we enjoy games such as charades, body-tag and a football and/or frisbee toss. If there are enough of us hiking on that day, we sometimes divide into teams, identifying ourselves with a brush of body paint on our penis to distinguish which team we are on. As you can imagine, the penis-painting aspect does lend itself to some very interesting moments! 

Each couple packs their own picnic lunch and each person is responsible for his own back-pack. Aaron (my husband) and I have a well-stocked portable first-aid kit that we always bring. As Aaron is an emergency-room nursing supervisor and I teach first-aid for our local chapter of the Red Cross, the supply-kit duty comes to the both of us naturally. 

Unfortunately, this year, the Eastern Seaboard of the USA was under hurricane alerts for the weekend that we had scheduled our hike. The Saturday our adventure was planned was a complete "wash-out" as it rained the entire day. Our area had a total of 6 inches of rainfall during that 24-hour time period. The hurricane did not make landfall in our area but we suffered powerful winds in addition to the rain. Ironically, the following day, Sunday, October 9, was completely sunny and warm, but the ground was too muddy to even attempt a hike. 

Even though our hiking outing this year was a complete "wash-out," Aron and I did salvage some of our plans for social nudity. On that day, we invited a neighbor same gender loving couple over to our apartment/condominium to eat lunch and play board games. They recently (this year) moved into our condo-complex and this event was to be their first publicly bare (nude) event. We had another gay couple over as well and the six of us spent the afternoon together, totally clothes-free and dry. They all became friends as we substituted boredom for baredom! Nothing removes social anxiety faster than taking the clothes off and everyone hanging out naked together! Sometimes showing some skin helps to open us up to new friendships!

Author's Note: The photograph above is of me hiking bare back in October, 2010. It was taken by Aaron when we had no idea that we would be married within five years! 

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Bare With Pride

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