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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

My Blogging Buddy, Jerome: Bare And Proud

Meet Jerome, above, one of my fellow-bloggers and a man who is not ashamed of his bare body nor of being proud and gay. I first met Jerome back in 2012 when I discovered his blog on I was impressed with the fact that he had no qualms on sharing his nudity with everyone who happened upon his site. A true man like myself. If you're going to be naked, it is much better to be open about it and proud than shy and timid. Right? 

Due to Jerome's courage and pride in being bare and publicly publishing his nudity through his blogs, he's perfect to feature on Guys Without Boxers: Bare With Pride for 2016 Bare GLBT History Month! 

Because of his confidence in being the man that he is, Jerome has been one of my favorite bloggers. With his images that accompany this post, I'm sure all of you will agree with me that he is worthy of the admiration that I give him as an out, proud and exceptional gay man. He is indeed a role-model for any of our aspiring bare, same gender loving youth. Hooray for Jerome! 

He hails from Chicago, Illinois. Jerome's blog features not only pictures of his nudity but also of other men gleaned from the internet. Please be advised that it may not be suitable for a workplace environment. You may visit his site by right-clicking the direct link here: Bluja. I know you'll enjoy his collection of men! Also, check out his original blog, All Things Bluja (NSFW) which features images of himself, exclusively.

Author's Note: The pictures contained in this interview post here are all property of the subject, Jerome, and may not be used without his permission. Thanks!

Jerome Interview: Part I: Nudity

1. Growing up, what were you taught about nudity and being seen naked with others?

It was something we were not supposed to do. They always tried to hide any kind of nudity in movies we watched or (they) had me turn my head or would cover my eyes. No, I never peeked. I did as I was told as a kid and even as a young adult!

2. As a teenager, how did you feel being naked with your peers in the locker room while changing for gym class?

I was never comfortable as a teen being nude among my peers. It most likely had to do with my my same sex attraction and not wanting to be outed. 

3. Did you ever skinny-dip (swim naked) with friends or family when younger? 

No, I did not. I can't swim so I'm naked safely now in only four feet of water! LOL!

4. At what age did you discover that you were comfortable being completely clothes-free around others? 

I was 20 years old.

5. Briefly describe your first experience being socially nude among your peers. Were you anxious or nervous? 

It was in a health club locker room. It was fun being among other the steam room and the shower areas. 

6. Are you an active member of any gay nudist club or organization? 


7. Are you open about your nudity preferences with your friends? How did they react?

Yes! Most of them welcome it. It's been welcomed but not always out of pure nudity. Some of my friends have joined me in being nude and it sometimes ended in being touched and grabbed. It's not always about sex, but I understand that at the same time, it isn't always welcomed. 

8. Any interesting and/or embarrassing nudist moments that you care to share?

Once in the locker room, I was in the steam room area without a towel and I got a full erection. It would not go down, so I walked back to my locker and got dressed. 

9. Any advice to offer anyone considering the clothes-free life? 

Do it! LOL! It makes things easier. I like feeling free and unrestricted. I think people make a big deal out of bodies and nudity and it really isn't a big deal. 

Jerome Interview Part 2: Being Gay

1. Within your household, what were you taught about being gay or same gender loving while growing up?

This was something that wasn't accepted. My Mom was okay with her gay friends when I was a boy, but it was different when it was her own son. 

2. Growing up, did you know of anyone who is gay or same gender loving? Did you ever seek advice or discuss your same gender attraction with them?

Unfortunately, no. 

3. At what age did you acknowledge/internalize that you are gay or same gender loving? Did you have any gay or same gender loving friends among your peers?

I always thought I was different, but I realized it at the age of 18. There was this older kid who used to stare at our dicks and played with us. However, when older he acted like it all never happened - older being 16! LOL!

4. Are you openly gay to your family and friends now? How did your family react when you shared this with them? 

Yes, I am open about being gay. At first, my family didn't like it but they gradually got over it. My friends weren't surprised and are okay with it. 

5. Did you encounter any problems reconciling your sexual orientation and your faith beliefs?


6. Much has been written about homophobia in the Black-American community. What are your thoughts/observations on this?

There are so many gays in the Black-American community, I believe that everyone knows someone who's gay. However, people seem to go both ways if it is accepted or not. The younger people seem not to care while the older ones seem to hold on to old beliefs. 

7. Any words of wisdom or advice to gay teens/youth?

Don't let anyone pressure you into doing anything that you don't want to do. 

8. Any thoughts on where you'd like to see the equal rights movement progress in the future?

I would like to see transgender people included, accepted and respected. 

Jerome Interview Part 3: Blogging

1. Have you always been interested in writing?

No, I have not.

2. For your blogs, you rely primarily on pictures to convey messages to your readers. Do you enjoy photography?

I love imaging and photography. Pictures can give an interpretation of ones perception of things. The imagination can run wild with it.

3. How did you begin blogging on 

I had just broken-up with my boyfriend. I was bored and came across Tumblr and started posting pictures of me and other pictures online.

4. Any thoughts/advice you'd like to offer to those who may be interested in creating their own blogs?

Be sure it's something you want to do, especially if it contains nude photos of yourself. The pictures and videos never go away. They will make their way back to you.

5. Any blogger in particular who inspires you?

Seraphnick, blackcolumbus, nakedartisan, sonoftituba, alter-ego86...There are more but these guys do what I like and admire and that is showing themselves completely naked in spirit, emotionally and, of course, physically. 

6. Any challenges in blogging that you hope will be addressed in the future?

The policy of no posting of nude videos. LOL!

Thank you, Jerome, for agreeing to give this interview, for all of your cooperation in the process and for the terrific photographs that you provided. I know that I will be forever in your debt, my bare blogging brother! 

Please remember to visit Jerome's blog by clicking the link here: Bluja. I can let you know now that you won't be disappointed! He also has another blog: All Things Bluja. Take a look at that one as well. 

I've created another page to supplement A Guy Without Boxers: Bare With Pride. The title of this page is Page of Bare Fame. Click the title to see more bare photos of Jerome that I didn't have space to include here. Once again, my sincere appreciation to Jerome for providing this interview. This won't be the last time that Jerome will be featured here. 

Much love and many naked hugs, Jerome!

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Bare With Pride


Rashad Meekins said...

Congratulations to both you and Jerome on a job well done! Great interview; very informative and revealing! Thanks to you both for sharing with us! Stay nude, dudes!

jerome alexander said...

Hi Rashad, thank you for the nice comment. Rogers is extremely easy to work with and made this experience very easy.

Cayden Reed said...

I love Jerome's Blog he is a great person. Congrats!!!

jerome alexander said...

Hi Cayden, big thx !!!!!

Bare With Pride said...

Rashad and Cayden, thank you both for your effort and time in sharing your comments here! Much love and many naked hugs! Jerome, once again my naked pal, much love for all that you do!