Winter Bare

Winter Bare
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Sunday, October 2, 2016

GLBT History Month Is Here!

October is GLBT History Month/Herstory Month!

Celebrate bare and with pride!

October is the month set aside to remember GLBT history here in the USA. Since 2009, it has been celebrated with a Presidential Proclamation, thank to President Barack Obama. Previous presidents avoided anything in the least way connected to our community. 

On the upper-right hand corner of your screen, the above icon appears here at Guys Without Boxers: Bare With Pride during the entire month. Click on the icon daily to learn about this year's honored individuals from both our past and present. A different person is featured for each day of the month. Visit the site to also see who's been selected in previous years. 

Throughout this month, every Friday posting will feature a selection of vintage photographs depicting bare same gender loving men from our past. On Guys Without Boxers: Bare With Pride, October is GLBT Bare History Month. Until there is a naturist/nudist month, the two will be combined on this site. 

Below is a listing of this year's honorees on the GLBT History Month website. Biographies are featured on the website. The individuals are listed numerically by the day of this month they are celebrated. Use the list to see who you want to check out or bookmark the icon and read on a daily basis. Either way, celebrate our history month! 

  1. Virginia Apuzzo, activist
  2. Josephine Baker, entertainer
  3. Xavier Betel, gay Prime Minister of Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
  4. Charles Blow, journalist
  5. Brian Bond, activist, government officer
  6. Chaz Bono, transgender activist
  7. David Bowie, entertainer
  8. James Buchanan, U.S. president
  9. Jeanne Cordova, activist, author
  10. Midge Constanza, U.S. presidential advisor
  11. Lili Elbe, transgender painter
  12. Uzi Even, Israeli scientist
  13. Malcolm Forbes, entrepreneur
  14. John Fryer, psychiatrist
  15. Essex Hemphill, activist, poet
  16. Ashok Row Kavi, Indian journalist
  17. Frances Keller, social activist
  18. Jim Kepner, activist, GLBT historian
  19. Kay Lahusen, activist
  20. Terrence McNally, playwright
  21. Janet Mock, transgender author
  22. Sherri Murrell, basketball coach
  23. Diana Nyad, long-distance swimmer
  24. Jean O'Leary, activist
  25. James Obergefell, marriage equality plaintiff
  26. Ellen Page, entertainer
  27. Oliver Sachs, neurologist
  28. Tammy Smith, U.S. general
  29. Andrew Tobias, U.S. DNC treasurer
  30. Jose Antonio Vargas, U.S. immigration activist
  31. Bruce Voeller, AIDS activist, biologist

Congratulations to all of the 2016 GLBT History Month honorees! Happy GLBT History Month!

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Bare With Pride