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Winter Bare
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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

My Summer Reading List

Even though it is now early October, I always like to share the books that I read over the summer holidays. One of the many benefits from working in academia is having the majority of my time during the summer as dedicated "me time" where I am free to read what I want when I want to. No classes or lectures to prepare. This past summer I was fortunate in not having any books to read for student reading lists or for classroom lectures. 

This meant that I almost overdosed on books this past summer. Not that I'm complaining but in many instances I was entirely too engrossed in my reading to stop and move on to other tasks or responsibilities. I was twice late meeting Aaron, my husband, for dinner because I simply lost track of the time. He didn't divorce me but he did let me know that he wasn't pleased with my tardiness! Aaron likes to read also but his work schedule, unlike mine, isn't summer free. This summer, he re-read James Earl Hardy's entire series of six novels.   

I did most of my reading or as much as possible while outside and totally bare. One of my favorite reading spots is riverside along a stretch of water that is both secluded and very bare-friendly and popular with gay men. Inside our condominium, naturally, I was as nude as the moment of my birth!

Surprisingly, almost all of the books that I read this past summer were not gay-themed or had any connection to being nude. Aside from my two E. Lynn Harris re-reads with my friend, Jay, only one contained a gay sub-plot. This was highly unusual for me. 

2016 Summer Reading List:
Support and Defend   Tom Clancey
Red Rabbit  Tom Clancey
The Forgotten   David Baldacci
The Escape  David Baldacci
Full Force and Effect  Tom Clancey
The Hit  David Baldacci
By Order of the President  W.E.B. Griffin
The Hostage  W.E.B. Griffin
The Legal Limit  Martin Clark this one had a gay sub-plot
Rainbow Six  Tom Clancey
Top Secret  W.E.B. Griffin
The Chamber  John Grisham
Trap  Robert K. Tannenbaum
Invisible Life  E. Lynn Harris re-read
Just As I Am  E. Lynn Harris  re-read

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Bare With Pride

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