Winter Bare

Winter Bare
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Friday, October 28, 2016

GLBT History Month Friday: A Salute

Locker Room Camaraderie and Nudity!

This is the final Friday of October, 2016: GLBT Nude History Month. For many of our naturist/nudist brothers in the past, the locker-room was only one of the few occasions where they could be happy and bare in the company of others. For some, it was the only time where they could fraternize clothes-free in a masculine environment. 

Same gender loving relationships had to be concealed from family and neighbors because in almost every state such relationships were illegal and the punishments were severe. Establishments usually refused service to any male couple, regardless of how "normal" the couple appeared or acted. There were only limited social opportunities available in the larger urban areas and virtually none whatsoever in rural communities.

The world looked very distorted and out of place for many of our GLBT community "back-in-the-day." Friendships and truths were shared with only a trusted few and even then a man could never be completely sure that his secret would remain respected. 

Equally secretive was any type of intimacy, sexually or socially, between the men of different races. In the American South, this was actually against the law and throughout other regions of the USA it was just not tolerated by the mainstream society. 

However, our forbears in the GLBT community weren't without resourcefulness and often found ways to circumvent both the law and the established taboos of society. Some were caught doing so and punished, but somehow gay life managed to surreptitiously survive and in some cases, survive. 

To all of our same gender loving naturist/nudist predecessors, we honor you and salute you for your bravery, fortitude and determination. Your efforts paved the road that we all travel down today!

Happy GLBT Nude History Month, 2016!

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Bare With Pride

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